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What it does: Wood is how you make Fires, and Fires let you do all kinds of great stuff.

How to make it:

You can harvest Wood by taking an Ax to any thornless Tree, Shrubbery, or Hedge.


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AxeDead Tree

AxeOak Tree

AxePine Tree



Or you can put five Hedges together.


And if you have seven Shrubberies sitting around taking up space, you can get a piece of Wood from them, too.


Here’s where it gets weird: If you throw a Light Spirit into an Angry (but not Very Angry) Spirit, that will also produce Wood.

Light SpiritAngry Spirit

And if you’re thinking that Thorn Bushes and Thorn Trees might also have a stick in them, you’re right. But you need to add four Light Spirits to either to harvest the Wood.

Light SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritThorn Bush

Light SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritThorn Tree

What it makes:

After all of that, it’s kind of surprising that you can only make one thing with Wood. But Fire is really useful.


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