Road Not Taken GamesBeat recipe guide


What it does: It hops around being adorable and elusive.

How to make it:

Rabbits typically do well enough at making more Rabbits, but if you want to do it yourself, you can get a Daemon Bunnae to eat a Fire. This will also get you a Copper.

Daemon BunnaeFire

You can also throw a Forest Shrine at a Doom Spirit.

Forest ShrineDoom Spirit

Or you can let a Wolf eat another animal. A Rabbit will be the byproduct.


What it makes:

It makes some child-crazed young townsfolk like you more, but you can also create some things. Like a Daemon Bunnae, if you really want one.

RabbitFlame SpiritEqualsDaemon Bunnae

And a Rabbit and an Ancient Mortar will get you a Berry.

RabbitAncient MortarEqualsBerry

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