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There are three key questions to ask yourself before your next Day 1:

  • Do I have the right infrastructure to support my game?
  • How well am I protecting my product and players?
  • Do I have the capacity to expand and adapt?

Most companies ask themselves these questions…but only after their game server has gone offline or while they’re fending off a DDoS attack.

Hardly the right time.

The truth is, infrastructure and security must be critical elements at the start of your development cycle, not at the end. You need to consider scalability and adaptive infrastructure from the get-go.

Why scalability is doomed if not an early dev priority

More players are coming online from more places around the globe. And their expectations are high, and will only get more complex. Further, social media and instant access to news and information give gamers a far greater knowledge of security issues, chronic disconnects, and poorly planned or implemented updates and patches.

It’s not good for players to know more about these issues than you.

Of players surveyed by EEDAR, 40 percent said they abandon a mobile game title that takes too long to load or times out. Player concerns about hacks (93 percent) and DDoS attacks (86 percent) were large enough for many to hesitate before buying another game.

That’s a significant business risk, to say the least.

It’s been proven that regular and meaningful updates keep players engaged in your game over the long term. To achieve this goal means delivering fast installs, sideloads, and updates, as well as stable, lag-free multiplayer capability to millions of gamers across devices, everywhere in the world.

That’s your first challenge.

Your second is keeping your game servers online and live. Losses due to hackers can reach into the billions. Not only are attacks devastating for your company, but fans who can’t play won’t stay. Extensive security protects you from an ever-expanding range of cyber-attacks that fuel player churn and wreak havoc on your revenue.

With nearly two decades of expertise in accelerating and securing online games, Akamai can help ensure your games are secure and scalable from Day 1.

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