Pink tree meadow

This meadow is one of the first areas you'll come across.

Above: This meadow is one of the first areas you’ll come across.

Image Credit: Jeffrey Grubb/The Witness

The Pink Tree Meadow is just outside the starting point beyond the first teaching stations. Check the map for point 1 below.

Walkthrough video

This video will quickly go from puzzle to puzzle. Once you find the one you’re looking for, pause it for the solution.


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Area walkthroughs

The Witness map key new

  1. Pink tree meadow/Orchard
  2. Water house/Symmetry
  3. Red gate/Symmetry
  4. Sand temple/Desert
  5. Tree temple/Monastery
  6. Hedge tower/Keep
  7. Orange tree grove/Orchard
  8. Quarry/Logging
  9. Swamp/Marsh
  10. Tree village/Treehouse
  11. Greenhouse Lab
  12. Tropical Forest/Sound Garden
  13. Town Square/Hub
  14. Mountain
  15. Finding the challenge room
  16. Challenge Room/Music box
  17. Special doors
  18. More to come …