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Offworld Industries knows how hard it is to bring a team together to make your first game. The founders (who started as a group of PC modders) had to overcome a variety of challenges while working on Squad, a realistic military shooter loosely based on their popular Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality.

After years of collaborating with the community via Steam’s Early Access program, the Vancouver-based studio is in the homestretch of Squad’s development. But in that time, Offworld grew tremendously, and even established a publishing arm that’s meant to help other indie developers get their games off the ground. The first was Post-Scriptum, a WWII shooter from Periscope Games that uses Squad’s source code.

Offworld hopes to help more studios over time, whether it’s with technology or providing additional manpower for their teams. Watch our latest spotlight video below to learn more about the company and why it’s so intent on giving back to the indie community.

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