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Two years ago, Paradox Development Studio broke with tradition and launched a grand strategy game that wasn’t historical. Stellaris splices grand strategy and 4X elements in space, applying the politicking, wars, and trade deals from the likes of Europa Universalis to a galactic stage.

Since then, Stellaris has become a cosmic platform for storytelling, with the developers, players, and occasionally a guest writer using the strategy game to tell stories about robot uprisings, black hole aliens and planet-consuming wars. Most recently, the Distant Stars story DLC revealed the existence of ancient gateways leading to a constellation outside of the galaxy.

It embraces all of science fiction, where countless sci-fi tropes can comfortably sit next to each other, intermingling to create new stories, surprising players, and occasionally the developers themselves. As game directors Henrik Fåhraeus and Martin Anward explained when we visited the studio, it’s a game that can be anything.

Check out our video below to learn more about Stellaris, as well as the origins of the game’s charmingly grotesque mascots, the Blorg.

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