Silent Hill school

It’s a jungle gym out there

Midwich Elementary School is modeled after the school from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Kindergarten Cop. Seriously. Many of the posters decorating the walls inside the school are ripped straight from the film as well.

Silent Hill The Mist


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Public journal

The message above appears the first time Harry saves his progress. It is very similar to a line from Stephen King’s novel, The Mist, which reads:

“There is a restaurant here, a typical HoJo restaurant with a dining room and a long, horseshoe-shaped lunch counter. I am going to leave these pages on the counter and perhaps someday someone will find them and read them.”

Silent Hill Demons

The city will be your tomb

A theater called Metropol comes right out of Dario Argento’s Demons. Around the building you can spot posters depicting one of the film’s disgusting demons.

Silent Hill redrum

The horror is driving him crazy

Looks like The Shining‘s Danny Torrance has been playing around Silent Hill. A garage door has the word “Redrum” (“murder” spelled backwards) written in blood — or lipstick. Bratty kid.

Silent Hill fast food

I’m loving it

Mega fast-food chains McDonald’s and Burger King have not opened any restaurants in Silent Hill yet, so locals were forced to built cheap knockoffs like MecBurger and Queen Burger.