The Grab Super

Super Street Fighter II: Turbo – Zangief’s Final Atomic Buster:
3.5 seconds


Grapplers have to barge through a torrent of fireballs in order to get that one devastating grab, so seeing their strongest grab in action should be satisfying. The Red Cyclone’s ultimate throw consists of two German Suplexes followed by his signature Spinning Piledriver.

Street Fighter EX 3: Zangief’s Final Atomic Buster: 10.7 seconds


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The Street Fighter EX series came out at a time when people were still awestruck by the existence of 3D graphics and had some crazy ideas for making supercombos more awe-inspiring. Zangief’s “Meteor Super” is only one of several moves that involves hurtling people into outer space.

Street Fighter IV: Zangief’s Ultimate Atomic Buster: 7.6 seconds

Street Fighter IV players know to tread carefully when facing Zangief, as one careless mistake will cost them half their life about 6 seconds longer than you can say “For Mother Russia!” Although the beginning of this move is exactly the same as in EX3, he merely tosses foes into the stratosphere instead of the exosphere. The cutscene trend doesn’t end with grapplers, though.