GamesBeat Denuvo Profile

Denuvo is the global #1 Games Protection and Anti-Piracy technology helping game publishers and developers to secure PC, console and mobile games. Denuvo was acquired by Irdeto in 2018. Irdeto is the world leader in digital platform security, protecting platforms and applications for video entertainment, video games, connected transport, connected health and IoT connected industries. Irdeto’s solutions and services enable customers to protect their revenue, create new offerings and fight cybercrime effectively. With more than 50 years of expertise in security, Irdeto’s software security technology and cyberservices protect more than six billion devices and applications for some of the world’s best-known and loved brands.



Protecting the Mobile Gaming Industry

While mobile gaming market is expected to generate $77 billion USD in 2020, mobile gaming apps remain insecure for a variety of reasons. Denuvo’s mobile protection technology solution protects mobile games from cheating, modding and tampering.Read more.

Busting the Top 8 Myths About Anti-tamper Technology for Mobile Games

Denuvo’s Anti-Tamper works on top of any digital distribution platform to prevent hackers from debugging, reverse engineering and changing the application, which are some of the most common ways to steal a game. In this eBook, we bust open the top eight myths about anti-tamper solutions and how they help protect mobile games, gamers, developers and publishers. Read more.

Denuvo and Traplight: Working Together to Secure Fair Play in Mobile Games

Traplight is a dynamic gaming studio hailing from Tampere, Finland, who develops award-winning mobile games loved by gamers all over the world. See the full Traplight & Denuvo case study to read more on the collaboration and how we all worked together to help make mobile games secure. Read more