GamesBeat Into the Metaverse Open Meta Profile

The Open Meta DAO is an organization of individuals who believe that an open Metaverse is not only needed but is inevitable.

By working together within the structure of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the community will contribute to initiatives, communications, advocacy and development that advance an open Metaverse.

The group is guided by the concept that we are called to be architects of the future – and that the Metaverse, being a significant part of our shared human experience, requires a community-driven approach to how it’s built.

The Open Meta DAO utilizes the Emergence SDK, a game development toolkit for the open Metaverse, as part of its platform. Developed by Crucible, the Emergence SDK makes it easy for any game development studio to easily integrate single-sign on and persona management based on blockchain wallets.

The Open Meta DAO is legally represented by the Open Meta Association, a non-profit organisation headquartered in ZUG, Switzerland.

You can join its Discord channel at