GamesBeat Into the Metaverse Scuti Profile

Scuti is an interoperable new player rewards marketplace connecting video games, the real world, and the metaverse. Scuti provides one universal reward and exchange system and a singular player persona across all. 

Scuti fixes monetization for all games, through a mutually beneficial platform for players, brands, and game developers.  For the first time, gamers can discover new offers and products, shopping directly from inside the main menu of any video game, allowing game makers an innovative and more effective way to engage, retain, and monetize. 

Led by a team of gaming industry veterans, Scuti has already partnered with dozens of brands and video game developers since its fall 2021 launch. Today, 1 in 5 daily active players are revisiting Scuti from their games.  Scuti customizes gCommerce and metaCommerce experiences for each game.


Scuti: The bridge between video games, the real world, and the metaverse

Scuti operates across all games and devices – allowing one universal reward and exchange system and a singular player persona across all. For the first time ever, gamers buy real-world products, in-game currencies, NFTs, and AR/VR/MR metaverse goods without ever leaving their video games. 

Scuti Wallet: Innovative player rewards system gamifies shopping and keeps players engaged

Gamers play video games, buy items, and watch content to earn rewards toward purchases. Shopping is fun, incentivized, and non-intrusive – creating an adhesive marketplace with excellent retention and overwhelmingly positive player responses. 

Scuti Balance: Players, brands, and developers all benefit from a democratized and harmonious marketplace

Scuti makes monetization enjoyable for players while providing never-before-seen benefits to brands and video game developers. Brands advertise and sell directly to billions of hard-to-reach consumers, while game makers earn an immediate income that stacks with other monetization methods.