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Airtable is an app platform that enables teams to build workflows that modernize their business processes. More than 250,000 organizations, including more than half of the Fortune 1000, use Airtable’s visual, flexible tools to customize workflows that meet their exact needs, whether they’re creating blockbuster movies, designing running shoes, distributing life-saving vaccines, or anything in between.


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How TIME works smarter, not harder

A team of 15 producers, editors, and shooters are responsible for creating all of TIME’s video assets—from one-minute news clips to feature-length documentaries. Read More

From plate to screen: how PBS show “Secrets of a Chef” uses Airtable for post-production

The process of manually condensing, color-correcting, and otherwise beautifying two to four hours of footage into 30-minute episodes requires careful collaboration between editors and show producers. Read more

Academy is saving 30 hours of work a weeker

HubSpot Academy is a global platform for marketing and sales professionals to gain certifications in their industries, from inbound marketing certifications to SEO expertise–with hundreds of people completing certifications each day. Read more


Editorial Coverage

  • The democratization of software with low-code/no-code platforms

    The democratization of software with low-code/no-code platforms

    VB Event Low-code/no-code platforms are empowering enterprise agility, quicker development turnaround times, and accelerating business outcomes — and it’s the focus of the latest Transform Technology Summit. And automation, the promise of low-code for creators, and creating great products, was the focus of the chat with Airtable co-founder Andrew Ofstad and Zapier product manager Chris Geoghegan, “How […]

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