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“I think we’re really at the forefront of the industry in personalization in email,” says Traci Inglis, CMO of JustFab, an online subscription fashion retailer that offers personalized shopping experiences.

They’ve grown from an ecommerce-only shoe store into a global fashion brand in ten countries, and are on track to hit $650 million in sales this year. But while the company’s rabid fans love them for their fashion-forward, highly-personalized mentoring, the company is grounded in technology, Inglis says.

“We’re a tech company and we have a really strong tech team who tends to build it versus buy it,” Inglis explains. “We do a lot of our special tricks of the trade in-house.”

Those tricks include in-depth, multi-faceted personalization that drills down to granular customer data and behavior, far beyond your basic Hi, First Name.

For each of their highly targeted segments — VIP customers, lapsed shoppers, plus-size customers, merchandise categories, individualized shopping patterns, price sensitivity and more — they personalize everything from the message to the content, to featuring tailored products and hailing events like changes in shopping cycles, birthdays, and anniversaries.

They also layer on geotargeting for both products and messaging, and ensure that their messaging is consistent for each customer across every channel.

She notes that there’s a fine line between creepy and personal — but if your customers have given you the information, they expect you to actually do something with it.

“The biggest learning overall is that personalization works really well to drive revenue,” Inglis says. “The biggest surprise for me was the impact from a simple, relevant message change.”

As an example, she points to the message test across a group of shoppers during their birthday month. One group got no birthday message at all, one group received a happy birthday wish, and a third group got a birthday message plus a ten dollar promotion.

“Obviously we saw a nice lift,” Inglis says. “It was seventy percent lift over the control for saying happy birthday with a ten dollar promo.” That wasn’t a surprise, she adds — any time you offer a promotion you’re going to see a nice lift over the control.

“But what really surprised me,” Inglis continues, “was simply by saying “happy birthday” we had a 34 percent lift over the control in revenue. Simply by saying happy birthday! No promotion — just having that relevant message to a customer.”

JustFab applied that same attention to personal detail when they reached out to VIP customers who had lapsed in buying. They separated them into three groups, and sent all three the same promo, each with an increasingly personalized message.

“We saw a 71 percent lift just by saying, ‘Because you’re a best customer,’” Inglis says. “And we saw a 103 percent lift by saying ‘Because we miss you.’ It’s crazy. Exact same promo, just different messaging, and we have a 103 percent lift in revenue.”

Such an incredibly effective strategy requires a solid tech platform, Inglis warns.

“You really just can’t do personalization at this scale without having the technology to support it,” she says. “When you’re looking at one marketer and four million customers, I can’t know all of that about my customers offhand. And I certainly can’t recode each email with different email creative across four million different customers, right?”

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  • Tommy Lamb, Director of Loyalty and Retention, Teleflora
  • Traci Inglis, CMO, JustFab
  • Chris Bernarbe, Sr. Marketing Manager, JetSuite
  • Stewart Rogers,


  • Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat


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