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Emotional connection and great customer experience are what it takes for brands to stand out in a crowded field. They’re especially important for small businesses, which often have more hurdles and fewer resources. The key is digital transformation – adding digital tools that help automate tedious manual processes. Why? Digitally mature firms are up to 26% more profitable than their peers.

Unfortunately, there’s a perception that transformation is complex and costly. So small but fast-growing companies often wait too long to invest in essential tools and techniques. That’s a mistake. Here are a few of the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

Rethink your relationship with your customers

It’s easiest and most cost effective to first transform your customer-facing processes, and work back from there. Where can you make it easier for customers to do business with you? Or improve your customers’ overall experience? Both can have an immediate, direct impact on revenue.

For B2B sales teams, it might mean replacing cold calls with social selling. Or meeting customers where and when they prefer. You can connect easily on social platforms by sharing relevant content, demonstrating expertise in your industry, and generally staying in front of them and top of mind when they’re looking for solutions.

Digital transformation also means being proactive with service. Customers don’t want to make a call when they’re looking for help and immediate results. Many looking to be heard or for support prefer social sites for reviews, comments and direct assistance.  Digital transformation means moving to those areas to keep tabs on what your customers want. That, in turn, helps transform how you offer services.

Constantly reinvent your business

“Digital first” means rethinking how you do business. And reinventing yourself on the fly without incurring huge costs. Your customers know what they want. Your expanded view into their needs from their perspective means you know when you should be launching new products, changing how current products are marketed, and rethinking how they work, too.

Think about sales contracts, a hugely unwieldly process. Taking contracts and other documents paperless by using e signatures is one of the best areas for small and midsize businesses to invest. The results are immediate. Using digital tools to help manage document-based transactions removes a tremendous amount of friction. It’s a big first step on the digital-first road.  Eliminating delays in the sales cycle can dramatically boost customer satisfaction, revenues, and growth.

Transform your business partnerships

Businesses working to scale efficiently are always looking for partnerships with other growing companies. Good suppliers, subcontractors, and consultants can help you build capacity in product development, production, distribution, and marketing. Introducing digital technology is the most cost-effective, efficient way to manage these relationships and transactions with these valued partners.

That might mean moving from spreadsheets to customer relationship management (CRM) software. Or upgrading from QuickBooks to one of the growing number of easy-to-use, automated, cloud-based platforms, which offer not  just revenue management but data and analytics and more. It means adopting digital transaction tools as early as possible. Doing so helps you build processes that are bulletproof from the start, and makes communication with partners transparent, timely and accurate.

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  • Leo Rodriguez, Director, Small Business Partner Marketing, DocuSign Inc.
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