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“There’s this notion that you build a great app, and people will find it. Unfortunately that’s just not true anymore,” says Steve P. Young, ASO wizard and founder of App Masters.

Young, the host of the top mobile app podcast, has been picking the brains of hundreds of mobile developers since 2013. He’s successfully launched hundreds of new apps with his PR firm, And he knows what mistakes make an app sink — and more importantly, how to make it rise.

App store and app marketing optimization (ASO and AMO), Young emphasizes, is not optional any more. “With the cost per installs continually going up,” he says, “you’re just going to have to spend a lot more money to get that visibility if you’re not doing ASO.”

App store optimization, he explains, is essentially SEO for the app store, juiced to drive organic growth by finding users with intent: those who are organically searching for your app, or your type of app. And those users are out there looking for you. Approximately 60 percent of app store users are there to search for particular apps.

The users who are pleased to find your app turn up at the top of their search results are going to have a better user experience, which is going to make them a better, and more profitable, long-term user.

Getting ranked requires surprisingly easy tweaks that can be made and updated instantly: ensuring your icon is eye-catching, and optimizing your description. Young has seen downloads double when developers get just these key elements right.

And there are short-term boosts you can leverage right away. “You can get downloads and not have to pay a cent,” Young says. He’s seen his favorite growth hack used successfully over and over: running a paid-to-free campaign where you where you make a paid app available for free for a couple of days. His first experiment with the technique netted him over 40,000 downloads in just a few days.

The key is getting press in the sites that track paid-to-free campaigns. “Coverage in one of these media outlets drives huge amounts of downloads,” Young says. And that’s the kind of action that drives you to the top of the app store charts, netting you more organic users. Not many traditional app marketing strategies are as elegant, easy — and free.

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In this half hour ASO masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • The tools, tips, and techniques to get your app in front of your audience and top of mind with app stores
  • How to identify the small changes in components, such as your in-app purchase descriptions, that will have big impact on downloads
  • The differences between Google Play and Apple’s App Store, and map how you should adapt your ASO/AMO strategy for both


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