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If you’re paying for traffic to your website (desktop or mobile) while a high number of visitors leave without converting, it’s probably time to invest in tools that will help with conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Maybe you already have, but you’re not sure if the tools you’ve chosen are actually doing the job you hoped for.

In this one-hour webinar, VB Insight’s Director of Marketing Technology Stewart Rogers will walk through the results of VB’s latest report that analyzes the best CRO tactics — how to turn traffic, visits, and page-views into customers and subscribers — along with the top tools to make that happen.

We actually reviewed 36 tools in total, and almost 3,000 tool users, and by the time the webinar is over you’ll understand the most important features to look for, the best solutions for each major CRO tactic, and the techniques, tactics, and metrics that matter to what kinds of businesses.

Joining Stewart for the discussion will be Ujjwal Dhoot, Chief Marketing Officer of FSAstore — the Internet’s largest offering of FSA-eligible (flexbile spending account) products. Ujjwal has grown several eCommerce companies many times over, managing marketing budgets of over of $10 million.

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When it comes to conversion optimization, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: optimization is about getting more of the right kind of customers, not shooting blindly at the wall. It’s why data and analytics figure largely into conversion strategies. Knowing what to measure, and the best way to get those metrics, and how to action them, are the essential ingredients to turning visitors into converters.

What you’ll learn:

  • What conversion rate optimization is — exactly
  • The top performing tactics and strategies for CRO
  • What CRO tools succeed, and what tools fall short
  • What features you should focus on in CRO tools, and what features you should ignore


Stewart Rogers, Director,  Marketing Technology, VB Insight  Stewart’s been involved in sales, marketing, and running software companies since computers had black screens with the ‘wide choice’ of green or orange text. When not speaking, writing or reading about marketing technology, sales force automation, web tools, and other awesome processes you’ll find Stewart helping to make VB Insight the best analysis and reports resource available to industry leaders today.

Ujjwal Dhoot, CMO, With diverse experience in direct & digital marketing, eCommerce, business development, and analytics, Ujjwal is responsible for FSAstore’s overall growth strategy, customer acquisition and retention, analytics development, and optimization. Prior to, he was VP of eCommerce Marketing at 20×200, an online retailer for limited edition art, where he oversaw all aspects of marketing. Ujjwal was also VP of Marketing at, a fast-growing online retailer for pet medications where he managed the entire marketing portfolio, along with business development and analytics function. He also successfully led the A/B and multivariate testing program to double eCommerce conversion to over 10 percent.


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