AI intelligence is creating such tremendous leaps for marketers that it can’t be ignored, and “staying competitive” is growing ever more synonymous with “artificial intelligence.” Now it’s essential for content creation too. To learn more about how AI can take your content to the next level, don’t miss this VB Live event!

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“Content is a tool to help drive more audience. That’s all it is,” says Ari S. Goldberg, founder and chairman of RNMKR. “My personal perspective is automate everything, but that automation should be genuine, and authentic, and high quality. It shouldn’t be smut.”

RNMKR acts as an investment and management consulting firm Goldberg says. Their portfolio companies include Barber Surgeons Guild, Globalist, and RLBLC.

Barber Surgeons Guild content is aimed at the consumers who are interested in health and wellness, hair care/skin care, style, appearance, to proactively drive traffic to the top of the funnel, capturing customers who are at least interested in the category. Then they collect and segment email addresses, and use platforms like Infusionsoft and ClickFunnels to build landing pages, dice up the audience even more granularly, and leverage AI-powered drip email campaigns.

Barber Surgeons Guild generated 75,000 email addresses in less than three months, Goldberg says. He also points to the Dollar Shave Club story as an example of the power of that top-of-funnel content creation and lead generation.

“Why’d Dollar Shave Club get bought by Unilever?” he says. “They get bought because they had an email database of three million men that care about grooming.”

And that means to harness that kind of success, optimizing content is absolutely key.

“What we’ve come to realize is whether we apply those steps to luxury grooming and essentials, or to travel, or to luxury real estate, it doesn’t matter — it’s the same steps,” Goldberg says. “You’re creating content. You’re doing that based on SEO. You’re still using the same social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever it might be, so that the foundation, the tactics, are the same but the vertical and the brand might change.”

In other words, they’ve harnessed the power of AI marketing to help create strategies that are replicable for anyone who’s trying to build a digital audience and customer base.

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