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In a thousand-channel universe, no one today can dispute that consumers are in control. They’ll text, swipe, and click their way to do business with you (or not) the way they choose to — and companies who want to extract the highest LTV (lifetime value) from their customers better be attuned to their journey.

That means embracing a holistic customer experience that’s personalized, relevant, and hyper-responsive across multiple touch-points — in real-time. To be sure, this can be a daunting proposition. But the democratization of technology has wrested this from the hands of elite giants like Amazon and made it entirely achievable for both SMBs and enterprise.

What many don’t realize is that the pairing of marketing automation with internal team communication tools can be the magic formula. While the data from marketing automation enables companies to track with pinpoint accuracy all kinds of customer actions — from initial sign-up to purchase to product support requests — internal communication platforms create transparency across internal silos that result in a vastly-improved customer experience (such as changing customer response times from a matter of days to a matter of minutes).

In fact, it’s how companies like Slack have risen to billion dollar valuations and ensured that its loyal customers turn into ardent fans, ensuring the company’s enviable growth rate. Slack founder Stewart Buttefield has been on record as crediting the success of his company to a single-minded focus on the customer.

It’s also how Slack has now found itself to be a core ally in helping other companies realize their own growth by improving the customer experience.

In this essential webinar, customer experience experts from both Autopilot and Slack will share essential steps in conquering the customer journey, the role of automation, how to build more meaningful feedback loops, and how to drive customer and company growth through transparency and responsiveness.

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  • The essential components of providing an end-to-end customer experience
  • The data you should be capturing and how it should be communicated
  • How to track marketing performance and important milestones (and reduce inbox clutter)
  • How to collect customer feedback in real-time and act quickly on new user challenges
  • How to focus on user adoption and product engagement
  • How to build better cross team alignment and internal communications to enhance the customer experinece


Brad Morris, Director of Marketing at Slack

Mike Sharkey, CEO at Autopilot

Guy Marion, CMO at Autopilot


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst at VentureBEat

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