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In this week’s episode, Stewart and Travis interview Howard Love, author of The Startup J-Curve, on how startups can succeed, and how the “always mobile, always connected” customer has changed the landscape forever.

In the news section, we discuss how live video is taking over Twitter to the point that the social network is becoming a global TV network. We also talk about how 4K 360-degree content will start to become the norm in the near future, and why that means Stewart will have to start using a better moisturizer.  We then find out why AI is making SEO consultants redundant.


By listening to this episode of the VB Engage podcast, you will hear:

  • Welcome to VB Engage episode 39! [00:10]
  • Travis is feeling extra clever in the smart city of Kansas City. [00:25]
  • Remember buffering? [00:50]
  • This week’s guest is Howard Love. [01:10]
  • In the news, we discuss Twitter’s earnings and how the company is trying to become part of your living room experience. [02:05]
  • Watching NFL on Twitter was a cool experience. [02:45]
  • Twitter wants to be a news app, but it is still a social networking platform with identity issues. [03:15]
  • 31 million viewers watched over 600 hours of Twitter premium live video across 400 events. [03:45]
  • Hockey and the 2000s laser puck with the blue halo. Stewart — a big hockey fan — loved it and is “very sad” that they took away the fireball puck. #alternativefacts [05:20]
  • Live video is on the horizon and could be a huge deal for content marketers. [07:10]
  • Live 360-degree cameras in 4K? The technology is here. [08:40]
  • We hark back to our mixed reality discussion with Robert Scoble in episode VB 034. [09:30]
  • Microsoft, Acer, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Intel, Magic Leap, Meta, ODG are all doubling down on mixed reality. [10:35]
  • Good-looking mixed reality glasses are coming soon. [11:15]
  • “The internet ON things.” [12:15]
  • Chapter 15 of Digital Sense talks about the next 3-5 years, with 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence. [12:40]
  • RankScience is a new service that does thousands of A/B tests for you on your website to optimize your SEO. [13:30]
  • The AI/Machine Learning in marketing trend continues. We’ve discussed Amplero and FollowAnalytics over the past few weeks. [14:25]
  • Travis sold yellow pages ads for GTE back in 1996-1997 and figured out SEO before SEO was SEO. #actualfacts [15:00]
  • Soon, SEO consultants may not be needed. [15:15]
  • We interview Howard Love, the founder and CEO of Love to Know, angel investor, and author of The Startup J-Curve. [16:10]
  • There are many startup incubators and ecosystems out there these days. [18:05]
  • You need to think mobile-first. [18:45]
  • HotelTonight was built with the focus on mobile-first, and it shaped the user experience. [20:15]
  • A startup unfolds in a predictable pattern. [21:00]
  • 6 steps to growing a startup. 1. Create 2. Release 3. Morph 4. Model 5. Scale 6. Harvest. [22:20]
  • 35 years of startup experience built into a framework for success. [22:45]
  • Howard Love explains the J-Curve. [23:45]
  • Love shares the ultimate startup shortcut. [25:35]
  • Beware of anyone that says “all you do is add a line of code.” [26:05]
  • What are some things that Howard looks for in an entrepreneur to see if they’ll be a good partner? [27:30]
  • Most startups pivot. Twitter pivoted from Odeo. Slack pivoted from a game. Instagram was Bourbon. [28:25]
  • Dig deep into all startups, and they typically deviate massively from the original plan. [29:00]
  • Howard looks to work with high-quality, resourceful people. [29:30]
  • Resilience is an important quality, as well as determination. [30:00]
  • Like the people you build the company with. You’ll potentially be with them for the next 10-15 years. [31:30]

Next week, we interview Itai Lahan, CEO of Cloudinary, an image optimization and digital asset management platform. We talk about how the Israeli-based company optimizes images for the mobile space and how it has grown.

SeanSheppard_GrowthXIf you missed last week’s episode VB 038, Travis and Stewart interviewed Sean Sheppard of GrowthX.

We discuss how to grow your startup, the lessons Sean has learned along the way, and what you can do differently that will have a massive impact on your fledgling business.

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