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You know your customers’ basic info — their name, email address, where they live, and perhaps some general demographics such as age or education. But in today’s marketing world, that level of info — and about $4 — will get you a cup of coffee. Or, more accurately, a marketing approach based on generic, batch-and-blast messaging that bears little relevance to whom your customer really is — or what they really need or want.

But if that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. According to a recent VB Insight report (Identity and marketing: Capturing, unifying, and using customer data to drive revenue growth), 80 percent of consumer-facing companies don’t understand their customers beyond basic demographics and purchase history. And 96 percent of marketers say that building a comprehensive single view of customers is a challenge.

But companies who are winning in today’s hyper-personalized world have cracked the nut of data collection to learn far more about their customers — and deliver messages, offers, and content that connect. This kind of data ranges from device ID and IP address to social profiles and location-related information.

What some don’t realize is that anonymous identity can be just as useful for certain types of personalization. It’s possible to personalize web and app experiences, (re)target ads against anonymous profiles, and determine likely relevant products, services, or entertainment options. With each additional piece of information, you learn more about the individual’s identity.

But making your way down the ‘identity funnel’ — identifying which data to collect and acting on it — is just the first step. Unifying all pertinent data is the next. This is where things can get tricky. Unifying data is essential to having a unified, holistic view of your customer across all channels and devices.

This essential webinar is aimed at marketers eager to increase their relevance to customers — as well as their ROI on marketing efforts. VB analyst Andrew Jones will take attendees through the highlights of the report, providing a guide on how to embrace Customer Identity using the most important data.

He’ll also review the kinds of personalization marketing tools available and VB’s best bets!

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why customer identity is more critical than ever
  • The challenges of collecting and unifying customer data
  • Key tools for capturing customer data
  • Best options for enriching existing customer profiles
  • Methods and technologies to unify customer data


Andrew Jones, Insight Analyst, VentureBeat

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