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Location data is powerful stuff. It can be leveraged to gather competitive and market intelligence, gain insight into customer behavior, capture foot traffic for analysis, improve user engagement by delivering dynamic location-based user experiences, and deliver the right content to the right audience via targeted campaigns.

Location data has also been historically overlooked. It had a reputation for inaccuracy, and the information it was able to deliver in early days — pretty much customer latitudes and longitudes – did not add a whole lot of power to the marketer’s arsenal.

But advances in both mobile devices and location data technology mean that location data has grown both in breadth and depth. Customers leave behind a trail of digital breadcrumbs wherever they go, as they move through time and space, weaving an in-depth, data-rich behavioral story. Pair this with other data points, including offline customer data and demographics, and you have access to a consumer profile that dynamically evolves, delivering a holistic view into who they are, what they want, and when they want it, wherever they are.

Location data offers:

Market insight — Analysis of store and venue visits offer a high-level understanding of not just of a user’s movements, but also market trends, demographics, and more. These are the kind of insights that help inform strategic customer acquisition, investment, and site selection decisions.

Customer behavioral insights — Want to know what your customers are doing in real time, in your mobile app? Location data paired with mobile app usage gives you your customer’s buying preferences and frequency in context, with insight into their journey before, during, and after visiting your store.

Targeted campaigns — Right time, right place, right message — it’s the holy grail. Location data helps you choose your moments to capture their attention and engage them with relevant content, offers and more.

Measurement and attribution — Measuring campaign ROI in terms of foot traffic has always been a challenge, and solutions have usually depended on getting a customer to identify themselves — which is rarely consistently successful. Location data can be leveraged to get a real sense of just how effective your campaigns are in driving foot traffic to your store. And that means future campaign strategies can be built on a foundation of data.

User experience — Imagine offering a prompt for mobile payment while they’re in-store, creating a seamless and automated payment experience. Or while they’re in walking distance, enticing them to come visit with an offer that pops up. Or delighting them with a coupon once they step in the door. Location-based experiences offer a more personalized kind of engagement, which is a big brand loyalty booster.

Competitive intelligence — Location data means keeping an even sharper eye on your competitors. With geofences, you gain access to your competition’s customer data — including their purchasing habits, how often they visit, and just how loyal they are.

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