Join this live webinar and hear from top marketers how marketing automation is ratcheting up demand generation, leads, conversions, and revenue. CMOs from Stonyfield Farm and Arizona’s famous Casino Del Sol Resort will be on the panel to discuss real world applications and opportunities with VB Insight’s Andrew Jones. 

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In case you hadn’t noticed, the Internet is a very busy place. Online content is growing exponentially, and anyone diving into it faces a veritable deluge of messages, information, and advertising.

On the other side of the coin, if you’re running a business that relies on making contact with consumers and potential customers via the Internet, you’d better have all of your digital ducks in a row. If you’re not careful, all of those divers will drift away…maybe never to be seen in your waters again.

That’s why a growing number of companies are relying on marketing automation programs (MAP) to create demand for their business, generate leads, help them make vital connections, and enable them to keep those (hopefully long-lasting) conversations going. MAP is their demand-generation lifeguard, monitoring the horizon for any sign the company can leap into action and making sure there’s no mayhem or danger it’ll need to address.

According to VentureBeat’s recent report on marketing automation, marketing automation has definitely proven its value. 80 percent of MAP users saw their number of leads increase and two-thirds (65 percent) say that their leads increased at least 10 percent. A small group (12 percent) of users managed to increase leads by a stunning 50 percent or more.

Yet despite these successes, overall adoption rates remain surprisingly low — below 5 percent in many verticals. While the software segment is growing, there’s an opportunity to implement a MAP plan at your company and take advantage of the technology to optimize your digital-marketing efforts ahead of the competition.

Take Stonyfield Farm, for example, a New Hampshire-based manufacturer of yogurt and other organic food products. It operates in a category that’s highly competitive, and according to Gina Kilby, Stonyfield’s senior digital marketing director, utilizes MAP to strengthen its standing amid the competition and “easily communicate with our consumers.”

“We have millions who consume our yogurt on a daily basis. Marketing automation allows us to interact with them on a one-to-one basis, and we can get very granular,” Kilby said. “We can target them based on stores where they shop. We can target them based on products they’ve previously purchased. We can target them based on content that they’ve entered. What we’re trying to do is create this one-to-one relationship with consumers that’s unparalleled with any other marketing vehicle out there.”

Kilby still emphasizes the need for rigorous A/B testing of its content and use of other established marketing practices — such as providing strong customer service — to guarantee that its customer relationships remain solid. However, the valuable trove of detailed data that MAP provides enables her team to make sure the company is having the right conversations with the right people.

Stonyfield sends upwards of 2 million e-mails a month, and Kilby wants to be sure that they deliver tailored content to an audience that will most appreciate it. Her 2016 strategy will build on “personas” to help Stonyfield distribute its messaging with higher precision and effectiveness.

“Personas are going to be based on a couple of different things. Mostly they’re internal profiles of consumers that we’ve created,” Kilby explained. “A mom who makes a certain income, has a certain amount of children in the household, who shops at certain stores, et cetera…she’ll be lumped into a certain persona. Or maybe it’ll be a mom who stays at home and she’s not purchasing our baby products, but purchasing our core line, and she has a different set of attributes. It’s a matter of taking different attributes and creating different personas.”

Don’t bury your head in the sand when it comes to the benefits that MAP can provide to your company. In this informative webinar, Kilby will be joined by VB analyst Andrew Jones who will cover the most effective MAP solutions to consider. Steven Neely, CMO of Arizona’s premier resort Casino del Sol, along with Kilby, will be spilling their own tested and proven strategies to get the most out of MAP.

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Andrew Jones, VB Insight Analyst, VentureBeat

Gina Kilby, Sr. Digital Marketing Director, Stonyfield

Steven Neely, CMO, Casino Del Sol Resort


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

This webinar is based on Andrew Jones’ VB Insight report, refreshed in December 2015.

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