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In this week’s episode, Travis and Stewart talk about a new AI-powered startup that measures viewers’ emotions as they watch YouTube videos, and they discuss the latest in social media advertising, including how important video has become.

Which provides a nice segue, since they also get to interview Michael Stelzner, founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner, during the week of his company’s Social Media Marketing World. We talk with Michael about all things social, mobile, and the future of the world’s most popular communities.


  • Welcome to VB Engage episode 45! [0:10]
  • Stewart just got back to LA from Las Vegas, where 12,000 people gathered for the Adobe Summit. [0:30]
  • If you spend too much time in Vegas, a part of your soul is taken. [01:10]
  • Weird how a little rain will cause a flight delay in San Francisco, while two meters of snow in Toronto won’t. [01:45]
  • Travis is a huge fan of Adobe Photoshop. And now, the knowledge has been passed on to his son! [03:00]
  • Coincidentally, Stewart ran into Olga Kay, last week’s podcast guest, at Adobe Summit on the very day that the podcast was released. [03:40]
  • Two weeks ago, we have discussed AI-powered marketing technology. And on this episode, we will be talking about a brand new technology. [05:00]
  • YouFirst is a brand new technology that uses machine learning and AI to identify the emotions of the viewers by use of a webcam. [05:10]
  • Using a collector link, you can publish a sneak preview of your video to a small audience, and you can get their reactions for each part of the video. [06:15]
  • Emotional analytics helps you measure the unbiased reaction of your audience. Being able to “emotionally” adjust your content can increase your completion rate by 3 times, your social action by 20 times, and get 100 times quicker at attracting views. [07:10]
  • This technology allows you to understand who is your best audience. It helps you find the dull bits of your video and also strategically take all the powerful moments of the video, which you can use to create trailers for targeting your audience in social ads. [08:30]
  • Did you know that VB Engage is actually recorded in a video? [09:00]
  • It will be very interesting to find all the hilarious moments in all our podcasts and create a “Best Moments Video.” [09:10]
  • Interesting fact: Instagram now has 1 million advertisers; that’s a 400 percent increase from last year. [10:00]
  • The ease of use to be able to push your content to Facebook and vice versa boosted the number of their advertisers. [10:20]
  • Marketing Land just released a Chrome Extension that checks how often ads show up on your Facebook and Instagram timeline. [11:00]
  • The drive from marketing technologists and vendors is to push toward personalization. But how will advertisers react when all adverts are being pushed toward to small audience only? [12:20]
  • Facebook launched collection ads that help brands to tell a more visual product story including video inserts. For example, Under Armour can use a video of Stephen Curry’s journey in NBA while displaying his shoes and apparel directly below it where viewers can buy it. [13:50]
  • The use of comedy to sell to people is inspiring and a better way to advertise. [15:00]
  • The wall outlet sticker prank with the Facebook collection ads. [16:00]
  • Don Lapre and his tiny one-bedroom apartment. [17:15]
  • Adidas is a good example of using products with Facebook collection ads, and the ad results are incredible. [17:45]
  • Travis remembers in the ’90s wanting to buy the jacket Joey from Friends was wearing! [18:00]
  • This week’s guest is none other than Mike Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner. [18:45]
  • We start off chatting about 360-degree live video. [19:00]
  • Mike thinks 360-degree live video will be slower to be adopted, due to a hardware barrier. [19:30]
  • There is nowhere for the camera crew to hide with 360 video! [19:45]
  • Live VR 360 will change the experience for consumers, and it will be big media-driven. [21:35]
  • Live video is available for anyone, yet VR will only be available for a subset. [22:00]
  • SocialMediaExaminer “quadcasts” to 4 channels — FB live, Periscope, YouTube, and — for simultaneous broadcasting. [23:30]
  • It’s the invention of a new medium. [24:00]
  • Huzza is the core platform Mike uses, which has one-click broadcast to Facebook.  A producer uses Wirecast, which is software from Telestream. That simulcasts into Periscope and YouTube. [25:45]
  • NOTE: was acquired by Kickstarter. SMExaminer now uses
  • has a team of four to help produce the show. [26:15]
  • The key to growing community for SME has always been email. Developed great content, and then grew Twitter and Facebook. [27:25]
  • Google said optimize for mobile or else!! So SME is a highly optimized web experience. [29:15]
  • The goal is get people off of their email client and back onto their website. [30:15]
  • Mike shares his thoughts around optimizing the podcasts. He creates a 1,000-word article around each podcast episode. They don’t call it show notes, however. [31:20]
  • What’s the most important mobile consumer engagement for 2017? [32:15]
  • Instagram and Snapchat are in a land war. [32:45]
  • It will be fun to see what’s in store for the rest of 2017! [33:35]
  • Thank you, Mike Stelzner, for joining us on VB Engage 045! [34:10]

Next week, we interview the one and only Spencer Liu, the CEO and founder of the mobile app community builder KTPlay.


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What do you think you could do if you had all of your most engaged mobile players in one place?

  1. Would you want to hear their comments and ask for their feedback?
  2. Have them meet and share their tips, strategies, and experiences with each other?
  3. Since they are all in one place, how would you want to influence their in-game behavior?
  4. Migrate them to the latest update or other game titles you’ve launched?
  5. Gather them in a specific in-game discussion board with an in-game push notification?
  6. Drive sales of different IAP items targeting only the paid or unpaid players?

We discuss these things next week.

If you missed last week’s episode VB 044, Travis and Stewart interviewed the incomparable Olga Kay, one of the original YouTube stars and founder of MooshWalks, who teaches us a thing or two about how to find your niche and leverage it for incredible success. It’s an interview you won’t want to miss.

As always, thanks for tuning in. We’d love you to subscribe, rate, and review the show on your favorite podcast channel, since that helps keep Stewart’s family happy.


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