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No question, marketers can reach vast audiences by paying for them. Whether it’s carpet-bombing through digital or traditional channels, or paying to show up in the newsfeeds of your customers’ social networks, you can cover a lot of territory. But what are you giving up with this one-to-many approach?

Compare it to the channels you own and the ability these offer to engage in a more meaningful two-way dialogue. Email, text messaging, app notifications all offer an opportunity to amplify paid media with personalized 1:1 communication that demonstrates a true understanding of who your customer is. Not just a part of some faceless mass.

In fact, consumers today expect it. They don’t want to be simply talked at.

But as in all things zen, it’s about balance. Paid channels will always remain part of the marketing mix because of scale. But today the key is in utilizing tools that will amplify paid messages through your owned channels to increase customer affection and loyalty, and ultimately sales. To not do so is to risk giving up market share to those brands and organizations who have cultivated their owned channels to huge advantage.

Join us as Michael Becker from mCordis, and Doug Roberge from Kahuna, will share exactly how marketers are approaching this mix and getting the best of both worlds.

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In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Balance the advertising (paid) and direct (owned) marketing in your overall marketing mix
  • Enhance your paid and owned media and connect with individuals
  • Learn how communication automation reduces engagement friction and opens the door for a rich dialog
  • Anticipate the consumer demand for individualized messages and how that impacts engagement and commerce


Michael Becker, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, mCordis
Doug Roberge, Strategic Services Consultant, Kahuna


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

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