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A huge chunk of data-driven marketing relies on basic psychology — what do customers really want, and how can we make them happy?

“Every customer has different habits and preferences — we can’t ignore that,” says Matt Olsen, senior manager of digital marketing at Firehouse Subs, the rapidly-growing QSR encroaching on Subway’s market share. “It’s much harder to change behavior or create new behaviors from scratch than it is to encourage existing behaviors, so we want to work with our customers’ habits to achieve success.”

That’s why personalization has to be more than just plugging a customer’s name into an email. Olsen calls that a “really small baby step.”

“It’s more about the overall marketing strategy and content, he notes. “Those little baby steps are good, but we need to give them the content that’s right for them. Let’s just give them the content and the messaging that’s theirs, that’s going to encourage their repeat behavior.”

Most of Firehouse Subs’ customer data is harvested from the customer loyalty program. Integrated with the retail point of sale, the loyalty program offers data about purchase habits and visit frequency that offer real results. The company regularly sees conversion of lapsed customers back into regular customers with simple customization based on recency and frequency.

Data is important, Olsen emphasizes, but every company needs to look carefully at their marketing strategy to determine exactly what specific profile fields will drive results. If you start to delve into third parties that can help with demographics and psychographics, he warns, “you start to run the risk of almost having too much data.”

That’s a serious budgetary issue. Getting useful data beyond those basics, Olsen warns, can be difficult and expensive. From point of sale to analytics tools to data integration and a solid communication platform, it can cost a lot of money. But for Firehouse Subs, it’s worth the investment to get exactly the information they need.

Brands like these are succeeding because personalization works. As VB Insight’s recent email report shows, personalization dramatically increases open rates, click-through rates (CTR), and revenue — as much as 2.5x CTR and 6x increase in transactions.

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Stewart Rogers, Analyst, VB Insight

Monica Zent, CEO, Foxwordy

Matt Olsen, CMO, Firehouse Subs

Kevin Michael Gray, Founder, ApproveMe

Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat