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To say that marketing tech is hot is like telling you that an active volcano is a bit warm to the touch. The volume of deals has been exploding, totaling more than $10 billion in fundings since the start of the year.

For the most current update on the state of funding in martech, VB Insight has tracked over $3.8 billion in fundings for Q3. The results are staggering. The volume of deals, in both amounts and frequency demonstrates the robust confidence in the industry that right now seems unstoppable

Our research showed that there are fewer investments but higher dollar amounts than in Q2. As well, there are more diverse funding partners and more investors. We saw that fresh funding is nearly keeping pace with acquisitions — for every acquisition, at least one brand new company popped up in its place. This is up from Q2 and could point to increased investor optimism moving forward.

The martech category that received the most funding — double from Q2 — was marketing operations: Technology geared towards informing marketing decision making (analytics, resource management, audience insights, etc.). Intuitively, this makes complete sense given the accelerated needs of marketers to accomplish the herculean tasks demanded of them in a data-driven world. Q2 saw multiple 7-figure deals in analytics alone including companies such as Capillary Technologies, Radius, Demandbase, DoubleDutch, and Origami Logic.

Runner-up to the marketing ops category was marketing experiences — technology geared towards mobile marketing, ad tech, social, email, search, CX, creative and design, etc. Again, this matches the pressing needs of the marketplace. We broke this down further and were able to identify which specific areas are particularly red hot: eg, ad tech, analytics, personalization, predictive analytics, and sales tech.

But just as important are those areas that are emerging and demonstrating growing VC interest — as well as those that are slowing. You might be surprised by what’s in that last category.

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Jon Cifuentes, VB Insight Analyst, VentureBeat

Dustin Grosse, CEO, ClearSlide

Matt Blodgett, Managing Diirector, Private Equity, Vector Capital



Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat