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Since this week’s guest is known for his “whiteboard Fridays,” we are releasing this post on Friday! In the news this week, Travis and Stewart discuss a new report that suggests marketers are worried about automation taking their jobs.

This segues seamlessly into a conversation about the have-nots, the haves, and the new breed of super-haves (thanks to AI, of course), but ends on a brighter AI-based note. Travis and Stewart then interview Rand Fishkin — one of the world’s leading SEO authorities — on the future of the future of the industry and what is going to happen next.


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  • Welcome to VB Engage episode 63! [0:10]
  • Kununu has worked with Monster to analyze jobs reviews in order to gain insights into employees’ motivation. [02:20]
  • The report found that marketers are some of the worst communicators within organizations. [03:10]
  • Job security is a big issue for marketers: Many think they will be automated out of a job. [03:40]
  • The data was released by Kununu on the company’s website. Gated. [04:30]
  • How AI could create a world of haves and have-nots. [05:25]
  • AI and robotics have already replaced 60 percent of the factory jobs in China. [05:45]
  • Stewart prognosticates that in the future there will be the haves, the have-nots, and the “super-haves.” [06:20]
  • The haves will be able to afford microchips, nanobots, and brain interfaces that will give them the competitive advantage to become “super-haves.” [07:15]
  • We are in danger of these technologies pushing us further apart, in an era where diversity is such a heavily debated topic. [07:45]
  • When brain interfaces such as Elon Musk’s go live in three to four years, it’s going to be wild. [08:40]
  • Watch out for pop-ups in your cerebral cortex! You’ll be walking along and then to continue, you’ll have to watch a quick video ad! Ha. [09:00]
  • Will AI and analytics help marketers predict more effectively? [09:30]
  • Predictive analytics companies can already predict the future in some ways. [10:25]
  • By picking future trends, you can get ahead of the curve for insane profitability. [11:20]
  • Ask the right questions. Access the right data.  Access the right technologies.  Get the right people on your team. [11:45]
  • “Predictive Marketers are 2.9X more likely to report revenue growth at rates higher than the industry average,”  according to a report from Forrester and Everstring. [13:50]
  • Next up is Rand Fishkin, and some jokes are cracked about Canada invading the U.S. so that Washington can get Canada’s health care. [14:25]
  • Stewart asks Rand about AI and how that’s going to impact SEO in the near term. [15:05]
  • Rand doesn’t seem to think that AI will be taking marketer’s jobs quite yet. [15:25]
  • It is very possible for machines to optimize for specific goals but very challenging for AI to empathize with humans and connect with them. [15:50]
  • Moz alternates the release of Search Ranking Factors and Local Search Ranking Factors each year. [16:30]
  • Google has been location-aware for a long time, but it’s gotten better with recommendations, thanks to engagement metrics. [17:20]
  • Google is great at picking up trends and delivering search query freshness. [18:35]
  • “Quality Deserves Freshness” – as seen in search query responses to Michael Jackson’s death. [18:55]
  • Rand gives Danny Sullivan a shout-out, as he retired the day we recorded this interview. [19:00]
  • Danny has been the first to report on many of the top search-related news items in the past two decades. [19:30]
  • Pour a beer out for our homey, Danny Sullivan. [19:45]
  • SEO from 1996 to 2009 was a whole different ball game. [20:10]
  • There was a lot of manipulation and gaming back in the day. [20:45]
  • Search has become more logical. If you understand what people want and can serve it in the format they want it, at the fastest speed and in a way that captures their attention, you can you gain their interest. You’ll be fine. [22:20]
  • Rand was ahead of the game on video. They’ve done over 535 of these Whiteboard Fridays. [23:25]
  • They stumbled upon Whiteboard Friday by accident, but they stuck with the idea and have improved the quality. [24:30]
  • PandaBoard makes the best whiteboard markers, in Rand’s opinion. [24:50]
  • SpeechPad does the text transcript. [25:10]
  • They’ve continued leveling up the content. Each month, two to three whiteboard Friday videos are always near the 10 top-trafficked pages for the month. [26:00]
  • Videos have become a vital part of Moz’s business development — a powerful generator of traffic, conversions, engagement, and keynote speeches for Rand all over the world. [26:30]
  • Sticking with the videos has been huge for Moz. [27:00]
  • They sucked at it at the start, but they kept getting better. [27:15]
  • Keep iterating and keep optimizing your content. [27:45]
  • Connect with Rand on Twitter @randfish.

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If you missed last week’s episode, we launched our CTAConf series of interviews with the amazing and outgoing Oli Gardner of Unbounce, in a session that was recorded live on stage in front of 1,200+ people in Vancouver. Get ready to have your mind blown.

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