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This week, Travis and Stewart discuss Google’s latest lab project — VR ads. Apparently, we can’t escape ads even in our virtual realities. We also talk about some smart AI-powered video solutions and analytics for smart speakers.

Rishi Dave is our guest in this episode, which gives us a chance to be schooled by one of the leading CMOs on everything martech-related, including the future of AI.


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  • Welcome to VB Engage episode 58! [0:10]
  • Stewart and Travis hung out in Vancouver at the Unbounce CTA Conference. [01:15]
  • CTAConf was a spectacular marketing conference, with some of the top minds in marketing speaking at the event. [02:00]
  • We interviewed Unbounce CEO Oli Gardner on the stage in front of 1200+ marketers. [02:20]
  • There will be an upcoming series of VB Engage CTAConf interviews with the likes of Mari Smith, Rand Fishkin, Scott Stratton, and Wil Reynolds. [2:45]
  • Adobe launches voice analytics for Siri, Alexa, and other intelligent assistants. [03:20]
  • Adobe has done a bit of rebranding on its cloud; it has the marketing cloud, the analytics cloud, and the creative cloud. [03:40]
  • Adobe Analytics for intelligent assistants tracks metrics like: [04:15]
    • User ID
    • Intent
    • Number of users
    • Number of sessions
    • Session length
    • Frequency of use
    • Error rate
  • Frequency of use and error rate are the two the most important metrics in conversational UI. [04:50]
  • Google wants to bring advertising into virtual reality with the ad cube. [05:15]
  • Google makes 94 percent of its money from advertising — did you think they would not create VR ads? [06:05]
  • In VR, there will be few moments when we have buyer’s intent while in VR. [07:20]
  • Get your ad blockers ready for the cube! [07:25]
  • Google’s AI-powered video analyzer hits public beta this week! [08:35]
  • One big use case for this AI video analyzer is with the identification of adult content to help with safe search. [09:30]
  • It is getting better at reading emotions. [10:00]
  • This will certainly evolve into VR/AR visual analytics. [10:20]
  • Back in the day, Travis imagined buying a jacket that Joey was wearing on this one episode of Friends. With this tech, you’ll be able to identify products easily. [11:15]
  • When this product identification interface is embedded into AR glasses, buying products will be inspired by real world interactions. [11:35]
  • Now let’s chat with Rishi Dave, CMO of Dun & Bradstreet. [12:35]
  • Rishi calls himself “the Chief Madness Officer.” [13:30]
  • Each week, we discuss something new with artificial intelligence and how that impacts the life of the marketer. [14:20]
  • Before we can tackle AI, marketers need to tackle data quality and predictive models for your data. [15:30]
  • Marketers are not thinking about their data enough, still. [15:50]
  • Start with the data, and leverage third-party data to help you clean up and optimize your data. [16:40]
  • Create a master data set by cleaning your data. The DUNS number is the unifying id. [17:15]
  • Now you can build models on top of that data with artificial intelligence to gain insights. [17:40]
  • How can you better surface those insights? [18:00]
  • DnB recently acquired Avention to help with sales acceleration. [19:00]
  • Every week, we are covering companies that are using AI in marketing, but none of that matters if your data is bad! [19:20]
  • Beyond AI, what can marketers be doing now to get back to being good marketers? [20:05]
  • The biggest thing that marketers can do is to accept that change is happening with AI and think about the change management within your organization. [21:00]
  • Marketing is madness, and we need more specialists. DnB hires specialists. [21:25]
  • Experts like to work within their silos. Rishi creates “Tiger Teams,” cross-functional teams in service of particular customers and personas. [22:10]
  • Start to create processes that take advantage of these changes. [22:40]
  • Hire people who are not just specialists, but can collaborate. [23:00]
  • How can organizations break down the silo between sales and marketing? [23:35]
  • If you have a blurred line between sales and marketing, that’s how you know you have effective alignment. [24:35]
  • Pipeline doesn’t pay the bills. [25:00]
  • Marketing has to metric itself to sales like sales metrics itself to sales. [25:15]
  • Joint metrics based on bottom line: sales. [25:30]
  • Facial recognition via your AR glasses to gain insights on the people in the room with you is not science fiction. [27:00]
  • With Elon Musk’s NeuralLink, we will become sales and marketing cyborgs before we know it! [28:15]

Next week, we chat with the one and only Ben Parr, cofounder of Octane.AI, and he shares with us the secret to a killer Facebook chatbot.

Last week, Travis and Stewart interviewed Damien Mahoney, CEO of Stackla, who tells us everything we need to know about user-generated content, machine learning, AI, and what the future holds for consumer engagement.

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