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Our audiences are on mobile, and captivating them requires delivering seamless, high-quality experiences that intrigue and engage while maintaining a positive user experience. The same is true for ads, and the future of mobile video advertising is looking up.

We already know that no one wants to wait for content to load. That’s why movements like the AMP Project are so important for the mobile user experience, and advertising shouldn’t be any different. We spotted the latency issues on mobile early on, which inspired us to launch Instant-Play™ HD mobile video in 2011.

Likewise, no one enjoys squinting when an ad is low-quality or poorly-fit for the space. Perhaps that’s why Nielsen found a 30 percent lift when ad creative matches device orientation, an important metric for the one-third of our top publishers who have at least one portrait oriented app.

After all, vertical video isn’t just for user generated content and the social apps that have made it so popular. Brands want to captivate users in those lean-in moments as they engage with today’s primetime: the top apps across major content categories where consumers are spending much of their mobile time. To do that requires crystal-clear, buffer-free, edge-to-edge mobile video. Anything less is just that…less.

Taking the need for immersion one step further, another trend we’ve found is that both users and advertisers are looking for more engaging ad experiences that allow interactivity the moment the video begins. In fact, according to our recent survey of the top app install marketers (which is releasing later this month), 25 percent of mobile advertisers are most excited about interactive and playable ads as they plan ahead for 2017, a trend we’ve seen gaining traction for some time.

So where does all of this lead, and why is the future of mobile video looking up?

Publishers need high-quality ad units that fit their apps and advertisers need those ads to be engaging. That’s why our new Aurora™ SDK supports Instant-Play™ HD vertical video and fully interactive video ad experiences. Vertical video enables a better user experience within portrait apps, and interactive video allows users to engage as they become interested, a much more natural and enjoyable user experience.

At the end of the day, maintaining a positive user experience is paramount. When this is nurtured, the rest follows.

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