With all the advances in mobile technology, growing the business is readily becoming more science than art. Using the latest optimization, automation and big data, technology will help you understand how to attract and engage customers for growth. Creating customized personal experiences for customers is how you take advantage of opportunities for success, instead of being left behind.

This summer, two of the leading tech conferences are breaking through the clutter of data, growth, marketing and customer experience. Starting with our own GrowthBeat in San Francisco, followed by the GROW Conference, in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Industry leaders will go in-depth with the latest trends and best practices around growing your business and leveraging new platforms and ecosystems in a connected world.  Both conferences will provide tools and insights to succeed. Companies must shift thinking from creating better products to building better consumer experiences.

GrowthBeat takes place August 5-6 in San Francisco, bringing marketing heavyweights to help marketers more effectively acquire and retain customers to grow revenue. From optimization, customization, and automation, GrowthBeat demystifies marketing through the lenses of industry leaders.  Speakers from Salesforce, Zappos, HootSuite, Walmart, Facebook, and more will shed light on cutting through the noise.

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Next up is GROW, August 20-22, where founders, brands, retailers, and investors meet in Whistler, BC, to explore how to build technology for living in a connected world. Hear leaders from Google Glass, Under Armour, Qualcomm, LuluLemon, Life360, SmartThings, Mondelez, Flextronics, and Jawbone talk about building context aware, personalized, customer experiences, new app ecosystems on device platforms, and connected stores of the future. We’ll explore the mountain terrain with the latest wearables and beacons to understand context, engagement, and what experiences we would actually want in a connected environment.

GROW is not to be missed. Sign up for GROW here.