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We might be in a mobile-first world, but that doesn’t mean companies’ websites have lost their critical importance in the customer journey. It remains a primary route when potential customers check out a company at the outset, and even once acquired, users will often bounce back and forth between a company’s app and website depending on where they are and the device they’re using. And this holds as true for small businesses as it does for large enterprise companies.

Now factor in personalization and what that means to your web presence — and ask yourself if your precious owned media is doing as much for you as it can. Sure, you might be personalizing email communications — the most ubiquitous form of personalization used today — but what happens when a user clicks through to find a generic website?

Customizing the website experience for users based on who they are and what they want is still in relatively early days. Yet, according to VB Insight’s latest research report, 87 percent of companies have seen a lift of at least 5 percent in their most important metrics — and 39 percent have seen increases of at least 20 percent in the metrics that matter most.

But serving up personalized content, offers, and CTAs takes the right tools. To dig deep into what’s working for marketers reaping the rewards of web personalization, VB surveyed 436 marketers — a fairly even split between B2B and B2C companies. We also looked at 31 technology vendors that are being used in various ways by these companies.

We learned, not surprisingly, that one size does not fit all. If you’re an ecommerce company your approach will be different than a lead-nurturing B2B company, so it’s critical to understand your needs.

In this webinar, VB’s analyst Andrew Jones will be taking attendees through what works and what doesn’t, which kind of solution is best for different kinds of companies. He’ll be joined by two marketers who are leading the charge on personalization sharing hard-earned lessons learned in web personalization.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Learn key fail points in website personalization that are common mistakes for surprisingly large companies
  • Discover the best way to personalize website content — it’s not what you’d think.
  • Hear the best tips from industry insiders on strategic website personalization


Andrew Jones, analyst, VentureBeat
Amber Whiteman, VP Client Service, Metia
Jeriad Zoghby, Managing Director, Global Personalization, Accenture


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat