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With almost 200 million Americans owning smartphones, and those phones carried with them wherever they go, marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to reach consumers. Forget reaching passive consumers parked in front of a TV or laptop, or the hope of getting three seconds of their attention with a billboard on their morning commute.

Instead, using technologies such as geo-fencing, geo-targeting, and iBeacons, brands and businesses can engage consumers at their exact moment of need offering hyper-relevant messaging and unique experiences. Offers can be triggered when consumers are within range of a particular location. Once inside a retail setting, apps can automatically shift to store mode, offering store-specific menus, maps, and special offers. Sporting and entertainment events offer seat upgrades, amenities, even orders at concessions.

And consumers are increasingly open to sharing their location data to take advantage of these experiences. According to an IBM study last year, 36 percent of consumers are willing to share their current location via GPS with retailers. That was a doubling year-over-year, and that number is accelerating rapidly as consumers see the value in saying ‘I’m here.’

But what are the technologies needed to master the location game? What are the best techniques to use to strike the right balance in order to leverage location-based marketing to its potential?And where’s the line between smart marketing and stalking?

Join VB’s VP of Research, John Koetsier, and a panel of location-saavy marketers who will share essential strategies and help you tap into the magic of being able to be right there with your customer — wherever they go.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between geo-fencing, geo-targeting and geolocation
  • The savvy geolocation techniques being used by today’s top marketers
  • How to integrate geo-fencing or geo-targeting technologies into your marketing strategy, regardless of budget
  • How competitors may be luring your customers out of your business through their own geo-fencing activities on your own home turf.


John Koetsier, VP of Research, VentureBeat
Joe Megibow, SVP/Chief Digital Officer, American Eagle Outfitters

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