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The more marketers consider the necessity of moving to marketing automation, the more confusion can take over. Even understanding what marketing automation is can become a morass of bewilderment. Are you talking about automation for email marketing, database marketing, analytics, web content management, advertising — or something else?

Because marketing automation encompasses so many areas, many marketers end up using more than one solution.

“One of the many challenges is deciding if you’re going to use multiple vendors in order to find the right solution — or if there are more advantages of having an integrated approach,” says Britta Meyer, Chief Marketing Officer at WageWorks, a provider of consumer-directed benefits to 45,000 companies in the U.S.

That’s just one of the many questions we’ll be exploring in this vital webinar looking at best practices and best vendors in the area of marketing automation. Meyer will be joined by Jory Des Jardins, Senior Vice President or Strategic Global Alliances as well VB Insight Analyst Andrew Jones.

Jones will be sharing the most important outcomes of VB’s exhaustive research into marketing automation tools, including data from 243 marketing automation users and details on features, pricing, and services on 24 of the top vendors. We’ll share the top pics based on needs.

Meyer’s situation is complicated by the fact that Wageworks has both B2B and B2C audiences — its lead generation processes are directed at businesses while their ultimate consumers are employees for which they engage in ongoing communications. So Meyer has had to ensure she’s working with automated solutions that serve both objectives.

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But while she’d ideally like to limit the number of vendors Wageworks depends on, it’s not so simple. “We sought out a variety of different systems and the goal is to narrow it down and make sure that the suite of systems that we’re using is optimized for our use case — but at the same time new solutions pop up every day,” she explains.

“It’s still a highly dynamic marketplace so we also want to make sure that we maintain a certain flexibility to adjust to developments in the marketplace.” She cites social solutions as the perfect example of how quickly things can change. “So that’s definitely a challenge between how committed you want to be to a vendor that is fully integrated.”

One of her strongest pieces of advice to any marketer searching for a marketing automation solution is to be very specific about your needs and use case(s) and make sure potential vendors understand them. Her experience is that vendors may try to box you in to a narrow set of categories, “but I don’t believe categories work anymore,” says Meyer.

“Marketers today are in a very specific situation when it comes to their consumers or their client base and therefore I believe that the vendors have to learn to become as customized in their approach as they can be.”

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

What marketing automation is and what it can do

Best vendors for your type of business

The challenges to avoid

The best tactics to maximize ROI


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This webinar is made possible in part by the support of Autopilot. All research was conducted in advance and entirely independent.