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After weeks of research, Wearable World has created an infographic of the existing wearable technology landscape that indexes over 160 different companies within the ecosystem. Research suggests that this ecosystem will be worth over $30B in 2018. Wearable World researchers spent months learning and understanding companies that make up the wearable technology industry and the infrastructure companies that support the wearables and Internet-of-things industry. By refining this list down to the key players, the researchers were able to understand the taxonomy of wearable technology, identify patterns within the wearables industry, and organize these companies in a logical manner that is easily consumed.

The infographic simplifies the major categories of wearable devices into glasses, clothing, watches, bands, headgear, and jewelry, with further segmentation into sub-categories of lifestyle, health & fitness, and entertainment.

“I think as we are a growing community it is absolutely imperative that we define the sectors, the markets, and the players in the space. Through definition we erase ambiguity and can collaborate together to figure how to take this from a wearable tech ecosystem into a wearable economy,” said Wearable World CEO and cofounder Redg Snodgrass.

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