Consumer traffic is spiking on mobile devices. It’s shifting away from the desktop, which is dangerous for brands that took the PC experience granted for so long.

So brands are scrambling to manage the shift, seeking to build mobile experiences that generate awareness, engagement, and trust, and to convert that experience into purchases.

At our upcoming MobileBeat event on July 8-9, we’re gathering a host of major brands to unveil never-before-seen case studies of how they’re growing revenue — and sometimes even profits — by tracking and serving customers along every phase of their journey on mobile.

We’ve got household names like Nascar and Walmart, along with some monster tech brands like LinkedIn and Airbnb that are also vying for consumer loyalty and conversion on mobile.

Some major talking points in these sessions will include the following: seamless payments, driving purchases in store, mobile marketplaces, monetizing content, analytics, international growth, ad tech/programmatic advertising, and more.

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MobileBeat Brands

For more on the vision of this year’s MobileBeat — including themes, takeaways, and agenda — head over to the event site.

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Join 1,000 mobile visionaries, leading brands, analysts, developers, investors, and press for two days packed with high-value discussions, actionable lessons, exclusive announcements, and lots of networking.

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