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Our goal this year is to highlight winning strategies for tracking and serving customers along every phase of their journey on mobile.

We’re unveiling never-before-seen case studies from mobile and marketing visionaries at companies like Facebook, Google, Walmart, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, L’Oreal, AT&T, Airbnb, Braintree, Clear Channel, and many, many more.

Need more convincing? No problem. Check out our lineup below, including 30 new speakers.

MobileBeat SpeakersCome to MobileBeat and learn:

  • The best mobile monetization techniques for your company, whether you’re a retailer, game developer, media publisher, consumer site, or enterprise vendor.
  • Lesser-known but powerful techniques to grow your mobile presence, from audio to location and design technologies.
  • What technologies you need in order to exploit the latest offerings in programmatic advertising.
  • How to make your app more interactive and dynamic to retain and build your customer base.
  • How native advertising strategies can empower your business by engaging your community.
  • How to serve and target your customers across devices and from online to offline.
  • The art of “deep linking”, so that you can make apps that are more open and interactive with the wider web.
  • The mobile analytics and data-crunching techniques you need in order to boost profitability.
  • How video can make or break your product sale or ad campaign on mobile.
  • The hottest new technologies emerging in mobile, through our Innovation Showdown.
  • How predictive apps are quickly becoming table stakes in mobile today and how large publishers are leveraging them.

For more on the vision of this year’s MobileBeat — including themes, takeaways, and agenda — head over to the event site.

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Join 1,000 mobile visionaries, leading brands, analysts, developers, investors, and press for two days packed with high-value discussions, actionable lessons, exclusive announcements, and lots of networking.

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