Apple revealed the latest version of its watchOS, the operating system that defines the features for its Apple Watch devices.

Apple made the announcement of watchOS 4 at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California.

One of the things Apple is updating is the watch face. Siri powers a new watch face that displays the info that is most relevant to you, like traffic is light and it will take 16 minutes to get to work. It will also show your next meeting, and will let you rotate the face dial and see other things on your calendar.

You can see what time the sun will set. And it will give you a “trippy effect” with kaleidoscope faces. Pixar’s Woody, Jessie, and Buzz characters from Toy Story will now be available on Apple Watch faces.

The workout app for the watch is also going to be enhanced to be more powerful. You touch it and call up a pool swim measurement. It can also measure your high intensity workout training. You can also do multiple workouts in a single session, like triathletes do.

Above: Apple Watch

Image Credit: Apple

You can also sync fitness equipment in gyms with the Apple Watch starting this fall, regarding things like calories burned.

Apple will also have a new music app for the watch. You can autoplay a music playlist when starting a workout. You can also control your music playing during a workout by swiping on the watch and hitting play or pause.

You can automatically get Apple music mixes, with album art. You can easily play music, rotating the crown to get your playlist running. The watchOS 4 upgrade will be available this fall as a free upgrade. The developer preview is out today.

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