Mobile- and web-industry experts constantly speculate about where the next big wave of growth will come from.

Will it be Google Glass? A new type of sensor? Smart-home devices like Nest or Dropcam? The future appears to be pointing to the growth of the Internet of things — and this includes wearables.

Despite the growing excitement around the Internet of things and the increasing number of new types of wireless devices, a breakout success of massive proportions has yet to emerge. Why?

Today, the Internet of things is a complex and fragmented tangle of sometimes interconnected devices speaking different languages. Will these ever truly connect together? If so, what does this future look like? What challenges must companies address before the Internet of things and wearables become more than just buzzwords and part of our everyday reality? Will consumers embrace this despite concerns about privacy?

New Speaker:

Glenn Lurie

Glenn Lurie, President, Emerging Enterprises & Partnerships, AT&T

At our upcoming MobileBeat event, we’ll dive into these and many other important questions surrounding the emerging Internet of things — including wearable devices. Today, we’re excited to announce a fireside chat with Join Glenn Lurie, the president of emerging enterprises and partnerships at AT&T.

NOTE: Grab your tickets now to save $200! The price shoots up next week and seats are very limited.

We’ll explore the future of the Internet of things and discuss the types of companies and devices that are most likely to fuel the next wave of massive mobile growth.

We’ll hear about the big investments AT&T is making in the exciting and nascent Internet of things space and get a peek into what’s coming next.

The Internet of things is just one part of the vision of this year’s MobileBeat event.

Here are a few topics we’ll also be tackling: personalization; programmatic advertising; seamless payments; customer retention; driving purchases in store; native advertising; targeting across devices; deep linking; mobile analytics tools; predictive apps; and wearables.

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