Marketers are struggling to keep up with the explosion in mobile users.

In an effort to reach the largest audience possible, they’re focusing their efforts on the mobile apps with the most users. Facebook and Twitter are, of course, the top two. Turns out, music company Pandora is number three.

With 80 percent of its music streaming going to mobile devices, Pandora has been at the forefront of helping brands tackle challenges around mobile advertising.

One exemplary case of a brand Pandora has helped is real-estate site Trulia.

Leading execs from both companies are joining us at our upcoming MobileBeat event — July 8-9 in San Francisco — to present their brand new case study. Here’s a taste of what they’ll be addressing:

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Session Speakers:

Heidi BrowningHeidi Browning, SVP of Strategic Solutions, Pandora

Kira WamplerKira Wampler, Chief Marketing Officer, Trulia


When launching its first-ever national advertising campaign this year, Trulia had mobile targeting top of mind. All of its  advertising campaign, in fact, was mobile. And, they didn’t just place a big bet, they placed a bet that would be highly targeted and measurable, with downloads and repeat visits being the key mobile results that it was driving.

Now, 2.5 months into the campaign, Trulia has realized the full potential of mobile to drive marketing and business objectives. Equally important, it has had the opportunity to see what’s not meeting expectations and take an iterative approach to tackling problems as they arise.

Through a joint presentation, SVP of Strategic Solutions at Pandora, Heidi Browning, and Trulia’s CMO Kira Wampler will talk about the great opportunities and challenges brands face when assembling a mobile campaign. Through the sharing of key performance metrics from the campaign, such as mobile downloads and repeat usage, audience members will come away with tangible learnings from the Trulia campaign and actionable advice based on the mobile landscape as it exists today.

We’ll be announcing a bunch of other speaker and program updates in the coming days, so stay tuned. For more on the vision of this year’s MobileBeat, you can head over to our event site.

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