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The digital video revolution is here. If you think we watch a lot of online videos now, just wait until 2016, when 69 percent of internet traffic is expected to originate from videos. It’s not hard to imagine why. With today’s consumer always on the go and demanding instant gratification, online videos are the perfect match. In five minutes or less you can watch a hilarious viral video, an informative how-to, or dance to the latest jam. And for the longest time, YouTube has come to embody online video experience the same way Google — which just so happens to own YouTube — has come to embody online searches.

However, YouTube’s dominance over the online video market is starting to crack and competitors are wasting no time taking advantage of the situation. The most noticeable threat to YouTube’s video empire is coming from the Internet’s most popular social media platform: Facebook.

As VB reports in its recent  video content research report, in June Facebook announced that it was delivering over 4 billion videos daily. And Facebook has a 70 percent install ratio on U.S. smartphones, and 46.44 percent of all smartphone users launch it at least once a day, with the average user opening the app almost 16 times daily for about 3.5 minutes each time, totaling 51 daily minutes of use.

It’s not just the rise in statistics like these that has YouTube sweating over Facebook. Facebook is becoming the perfect home for snackable content — or short-length ads — to go viral with viewership and online sharing rivaling YouTube. Brands also have a stronger presence on Facebook than on YouTube, which increases the chance of user engagement from its video. However, Facebook’s video service isn’t a complete YouTube killer. Compared to YouTube’s video tools, Facebook’s video service is significantly limited. Additionally, Facebook posts are often competing with a user’s friends and likes on his feed. Meanwhile, YouTube subscribers can merely click on the subscription tab to see all the videos posted from their favorite channels.

Marketers need to wise up on online videos if they want to stay relevant with consumers. However, with Facebook and Youtube both having their strengths and weaknesses, it’s difficult to decide which service to focus on the most — which is why by joining this webinar, you’ll learn all the valuable information regarding the war between video platforms. You’ll discover the best strategies for winning over the video audiences of Facebook and Youtube; where the mobile users are going for their video fix; and where today’s youthful consumers are trending.

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