In mobile marketing, local campaigns can drive sales at the store level, but the challenge lies in scaling these benefits at national level.

Brands, retailers, and agencies work together to explore how mobile platforms can help businesses attract local shoppers. The new ecosystem is slowly maturing and requires an understanding of how platforms exchange data between people’s devices, ad networks and exchanges, stores, and data providers.

Session Speakers:

Keith Colbourn

Keith Colbourn, Senior Vice President, Loyalty & Analytics, Safeway

Jeff Fagel

Jeff Fagel, CMO, G/O Digital

Frank Weishaupt

Frank Weishaupt, Chief Revenue Officer, Millennial Media

VentureBeat’s upcoming MobileBeat event — July 8 and July 9 in S.F. — features a session where leading brand marketers and digital marketing execs will dive deep on this topic. More specifically, they’ll share their best practices and tips on how retailers can drive greater ROI and meaningful in-store sales by personalizing and localizing digital advertising, mobile, and social media with other marketing channels.

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Session panelists include Keith Colbourn, the senior vice president of loyalty and analytics at Safeway. He oversees the growth of the national supermarket chain’s industry-leading digital program, Just for U, its rewards programs and customer insights and analytics.

Also on the panel is Jeff Fagel, the chief marketing officer at G/O Digital, a new division of the Gannett Company (the largest newspaper company in the U.S.) that focuses on helping marketers big and small transform their local marketing strategies. With more than 20 years of brand, digital, and startup marketing experience, Fagel has held multiple leadership roles at PepsiCo, Gatorade, Frito-Lay, and Kmart.

Frank Weishaupt serves as the chief revenue officer at Millennial Media and brings more than 15 years of digital media experience to the conversation.

MobileBeat will be packed with other retail and brand-oriented conversations to help executives understand how mobile platforms can enable them to reach and retain audiences — such as the right media buying strategies or the hyperlocal data to improve content and ad personalization.

Expect new insights from executives at Walmart, Yahoo, Twitter, L’Oreal, Facebook, Shopkick, Google, and a dozen more panelists that we’ll announce this week.

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