Mobile has the fastest adoption of any new medium ever. Companies are watching as consumption on mobile screens rapidly outpaces consumption on the desktop.

While mobile commerce is growing, it is clearly behind when compared to consumption. Why? Because companies have been slow to invest resources in optimizing the mobile experience.

Brands that take the time to build a high-quality mobile experience are positioned to reap huge rewards. LivingSocial knows this well. Its “mobile first” strategy has enabled it to tap into some of these rewards and started to make an impact on its overall business.

Session Speakers:

Mike Bidgoli

Mike Bidgoli, VP of Product, LivingSocial

Adam Foroughi

Adam Foroughi, CEO & Cofounder, AppLovin

A true “mobile first” strategy doesn’t end with creating a great app or mobile site. Marketers still need a solution that acquires their target customers, engages them, gets them to take action, and shows measurable results. In order to move their strategy to the next level, LivingSocial was one of the first customers to try AppLovin’s mobile marketing platform.

VentureBeat’s upcoming MobileBeat event — July 8 and July 9 in San Francisco — gathers top execs from both companies for a never-before-seen case study.

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AppLovin partnered with LivingSocial to create a “full funnel” campaign. They had two goals:

  • Drive new installs of high performing users.
  • Get existing users to re-engage, come back to the app and buy more deals.

To do this, AppLovin used data to understand the traits of high-performing users and to find more of those individuals. Then, AppLovin used information on user engagement with past deals, popular deals, user interests, and more. Using these insights, it was able to predict which deals would be most effective for each individual consumer.

And it worked. As a result of the partnership, LivingSocial has been able to grow its user base, and customers have responded by buying more than ever before on their mobile devices.

At MobileBeat, LivingSocial will announce the increases it has recognized in both user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns (and how the combined effect has impacted its overall mobile advertising results). The two companies will also review how AppLovin’s platform gives customers full insight into attribution, which enables them to see immediate returns and keeps them investing in mobile.

In addition to this session, MobileBeat we’ll have new insights from rockstars at Facebook, Google, Wal-Mart, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, L’Oreal, AT&T, Airbnb, Clear Channel, Shopkick, and many more.

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