Location, considered by many to be the “mobile cookie,” is being used in increasingly sophisticated ways to help brands better connect with consumers.

VentureBeat’s upcoming MobileBeat event — July 8-9 in SF — is featuring a panel on how location is moving far beyond simple geofencing to drive better performing ads, higher CPMs for publishers, and more relevant ads for users on mobile.

Session Speakers:

Gil Elbaz

Gil Elbaz, CEO, Factual

Anne Frisbie

Anne Frisbie, VP & GM of Global Alliances, InMobi

Eric Perko

Eric Perko, VP/Media Director, DigitasLBi

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Location isn’t limited to where the device is at the time of impression. The history of past locations, once stripped of PII (Personally Identifiable Information), allows data providers to build accurate profiles that help advertisers and content providers to tailor the experience to their mobile users. This is one of the crucial ways mobile platforms leverage available information without the risk of infringing on user privacy. It also ensures that content and advertising are optimized to be perfectly relevant to each user.

This session will gather executives who work to make this vision a reality and see daily how effective these mechanisms are in bolstering engagement. Factual’s CEO Gil Elbaz founded Applied Semantics, which went on to launch AdSense and be acquired by Google, where he led the engineering team for 4 years. He founded Factual in 2008 to enable advertisers and publishers to provide better experiences in the emerging, cookie-less mobile landscape.

Anne Frisbie, VP & GM, Global Alliances at InMobi, will bring in the perspective of a major ad network and discuss how partnerships between the various players of the mobile media publishing ecosystem quickly worked around the lack of cookies to come up with innovative solutions that drive performance.

They will be joined by Eric Perko, VP/Media Director for DigitasLBi, where he leads digital media efforts for Taco Bell. Perko will discuss how brands stand to benefit form these added targeting capabilities.

We’ll be announcing more speaker and program updates in the coming days. For more on the vision of this year’s MobileBeat, head over to our event site.

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