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When you’re a startup, big budgets for large mobile ad campaigns don’t exist — and brand awareness through millions of ad impressions is far too lofty a KPI. It’s why Anne-Marie Kline, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the hair care and beauty startup Living Proof (which raised $30 million in series C funding two years ago), is laser-focused on mobile advertising that will result in concrete actions.

“Because of limited dollars, we have to make every encounter result in something — a like, a comment, a share, a trial sample,” says Kline. Living Proof’s strategy is about getting in front of consumers in their social feeds. Not a surprise given that comScore reported last year that social networking now generates more than 70 percent of its activity on mobile.

Using the power of social sites like Twitter, for example, Kline’s strategy is about qualifying consumers by providing content that they’re keenly interested in. “It might not have anything to do with Living Proof,” she explains, “but if they read an article about how to get the prefect cut, or tips for travel, or being a new mom, and they click on it, then we know that they’re interested in the topic area.”

The next step is to feed that interest with a follow-up piece of content that does refer to Living Proof. “We know then that [those consumers] are more likely to click on it, so we’re not just trying to get in everyone’s feed.”

Figuring out the mobile advertising ecosystem, and how best to leverage it, can be a maze. Kline’s been doing it for 10 years, with five years in real-time marketing. “And if you can do that at scale,” she says, “you become a relevant part of the conversation and not a bother or interrupter. You have a lot more impact on your consumer.”

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Her insights will power a valuable part of the mobile advertising discussion at this essential webinar where we’ll dive into the entire ecosystem. We’ll explore the mobile adtech proliferation that’s exploded — but can be a mess of confusion. We’ll talk about the many tactics — video ads, location targeting, lookalike marketing, coordinated campaigns, native advertising, rewarded video, mobile programmatic — and what’s working and what’s not.

Pulling from the recent VB report on Brands and Mobile Advertising, VB’s VP of Research John Koetsier will take attendees through the most important findings. Along with reviewing what consumers are responding to most, he’ll dive into brands that are killing it in the mobile ad space, and how, for example:

  • Pandora achieved 4X engagement with its ads
  • A hardware retailer used video to get 3X brand recall over TV
  • The CW achieved 80 percent engagement with its mobile ad
  • Disney used interactive video to get 7X better engagement

What you’ll learn:

  • Strategies from major players in the mobile ad networks to increase engagement
  • The many ways fraud can wreak havoc on your mobile ad strategy
  • The best practices in mobile advertising
  • How to drive huge engagement with one mobile concept you’re probably not doing today


John Koetsier, VP Research, VentureBeat
Anne-Marie Kline, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Living Proof
Amanda O’Brien, eMarketing Manager, JiffyLube/Shell