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VB research recently released the Mobile Success Landscape, an overview of the tools and players who are enabling mobile success for app developers and publishers. It’s a pretty graphic, but the real value is in the analysis it allows.

Such as this: people really, really, really want to know what’s happening in their apps.

And, more importantly: they really, really, really want to engage with the users of those apps.

Mobile marketing automation, the piece of the engagement pie that helps publishers understand who is in their app, what those users are doing, how they can communicate with those users, and how they can get better at serving them, is growing fast.

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Mobile marketing automation: the new customer engagement

In fact, in our latest investment heat map, the Engagement space (filled with companies like Kahuna, Leanplum, Appboy, Swrve, Urban Airship, and FollowAnalytics) has received the second-most investment — $340 million — just behind app analytics, a related category.


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Where there’s investment, there typically need to be exits as well.

The giants of martech — the IBMs, Oracles, Salesforces, and Adobes — haven’t really made huge noise here yet, although IBM of course picked up Xtify, a push messaging company, and both Adobe and Salesforce have built their own solutions. But we’re starting to see consolidation as attribution and mobile marketing company Tune bought Artisan Mobile recently, and others are likely to come.

What’s driving this investment?

Mobile publishers are investing in engagement and marketing solutions more and more as it’s becoming increasingly clear that mobile engagement is the new customer engagement — and that the most loyal and valuable clients are those who you touch most of all through your app.

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