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Right time. Right place. It’s the mantra for the mobile age, and marketers who are leading the pack are evolving the way they engage consumers to be in front of them when and where it matters most. Take Viggle. The entertainment rewards platform enbles entertainment companies —  televison networks and shows, music companies, and even book publishers — to use Viggle to reward their customers for interacting with their content. The more customers engage, the more points they earn, the more rewards they get.

“Our marketing automation comes down to a lot of science that we use internally,” says Viggle’s VP of Marketing Julie Gerola. “A metric we’re really proud of is our ability to keep people in the app nearly an hour per session when most apps are probably lucky to keep people on board in the neighborhood of two to five minutes.”

One of Gerola’s biggest accomplishments is bringing back lapsed users — the users who have installed and registered, and used the app for a while before it became just another forgotten app on their device. But as Gerola says, “I’m happy to spend a bit of money to keep users who may be falling off to come back and wake up, rather than constantly filling the funnel with new users.” By sharpening their tools with laser targeting, Viggle now is winning back 10 percent of all users targeted, whereas just two to three months ago, that rate was at 2 to 3 percent.

How do they do that? Right time. Right place. A user is on their phone, tweeting about a show they’re consuming at that very moment — and at that very moment (because Viggle knows from past, and lapsed use, that this user is a fan of that show) — Viggle serves up an ad, letting them know that they could be earning Viggle points by doing what they’re doing right now.

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Still, despite the success with lapsed users, Gerola believes that, “From a marketing automation point of view, you can see a ton of opportunity. It shouldn’t just be about lapsed activity, it should be about the positives as well.” She’s referring to keeping users invigorated before any kind of retention problem develops. “It’s about sustaining engagement rate over a significant period of time. There’s a lot of opportunity there, especially in a mobile environment.”

Viggle is also expanding beyond entertainment and working with retailers to drive consumers in-store. For example, they’re now working with Walmart who in turn might be partnering with a CPG brand, say P&G, on a particular promotion for a specific product. Using beacon technology partner InMarket, once a consumer is in proximity, a Viggle customer will get a notification letting them know they can earn points for checking out the product. “And you don’t even have to make the transaction at that point of time,” explains Gerola. “But we’ve been able to prove our ability to not only drive that foot traffic to the store, but in addition to translate it into a purchase.”

Despite successes like these, the adoption rate of mobile marketing automation is very low: just 1.5 of businesses today are using mobile marketing automation. To help marketing leaders understand its potential, and how to leverage it, VB’s latest report on MMA analyzed 23 of the top MMA vendors, surveyed 375 app publishers and developers totaling almost 9,000 apps — and looked at which brands are doing MMA well, and how.

In this webinar, VB’s VP of Research John Koetsier will be joined by Gerola. Koetsier will begin by taking attendees through the most important highlights of the research report — including which MMA features and tactics are working best and who’s doing it — while Gerola will share insights from the trenches.

Mobile-first has become an undeniable reality. This webinar will help your company leverage that reality to become a mobile-first leader.

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John Koetsier, VP Research, VentureBeat
Julie Gerola, VP Marketing, Viggle

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