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RAM Mounts has created new covers and docking stations that support USB Type-C devices, so those working with a top-of-the-line mobile device outdoors or in an industrial setting can protect their investment. The new IntelliSkin covers and GDS docks are available for preorder today and will support phones like the HP Elite x3.

RAM Mount desktop mount now supports USB Type-C devices.

Above: RAM Mount desktop mount now supports USB Type-C devices.

Image Credit: RAM Mount

“Business mobile needs change fast and companies need to evolve with the technology,” said company vice president of marketing Aaron Hersey, in a statement. “IntelliSkin and GDS ruggedize mobile devices so they can be effectively used in any enterprise setting.”

Enterprise employees are increasingly using personal and company-issued smartphones out in the field, and both businesses and individuals need to ensure that their hardware is protected, which is where a good cover comes in.

USB Type-C connections are becoming popular in the world of smartphones — the most recent additions include the Samsung Galaxy Note7 (before its quick recall) and the Google Pixel. A docking port that supports USB Type-C is needed so that these phones can still be used in the car or at your desk. RAM Mounts now has a GDS Dock that supports USB Type-C phones using its IntelliSkin covers, starting with the HP Elite x3. More phones may be included in the future.

Pricing is not yet available.

Updated as of 8:16 a.m. Pacific on Tuesday: Amended to state that the IntelliSkin covers and GDS docks are available through pre-order only right now.

Updated as of 11:44 p.m. Pacific: Clarified that the GDS dock will support USB Type-C phones if using IntelliSkin covers.

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