Seagate Technology announced a range of new mobile storage products — including storage for drones — based on its Seagate and LaCie brands at CES 2018, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas this week.

The products are aimed at the world’s increasingly mobile population with solutions that solve key challenges they face when creating, processing, and accessing their data on the go.

“Our world is becoming more data-centric, connected and mobile. This means creating, transferring, storing and accessing data quickly and reliably is critical to unlocking the potential of everything — from data created in the field, to data powering self-driving cars, AI personal assistants or virtual and mixed reality experiences,” said Tim Bucher, senior vice president of Seagate consumer solutions, in a statement. “At Seagate, we’re constantly pursuing innovative ways to address our customer needs so they can gain a competitive edge in whichever field they play.”

For example, videographers who want to capture footage in the field can now streamline their workflow thanks to the second product offering from Seagate’s strategic partnership with DJI, the big drone maker: data storage for drones.

The new LaCie DJI Copilot, with a design by Neil Poulton, is a complete backup storage unit that enables drone users to store and review their content in full resolution without a PC.

This allows creative professionals and consumers to play back, copy, and manage their drone footage from their mobile device without the hassle of leaving the field or booting up a computer. Users can quickly connect and reference the built-in screen to initiate direct file transfer from an SD card to LaCie DJI Copilot — without the need for a laptop or even a mobile network.

Above: Seagate’s mobile phone storage.

Image Credit: Seagate

The Copilot BOSS (Back-up On Set Solution) app by LaCie lets users play video in full resolution as well as manage and organize files with their mobile phone or tablet, and a built-in power bank recharges the mobile devices.

With 2000GB (2TB) of storage, the LaCie DJI Copilot enables users to easily store up to 65 hours of 4K
30fps video footage and 20K+ RAW photos. The LaCie DJI Copilot will be $350 in the U.S., and it will be ready in the spring.

Mobile users also face the problem of extending the storage and battery life of their smartphones so they can capture, access, and view content for longer periods of time. For consumers in China and Indonesia — two countries with some of the highest concentrations of smartphones on the planet — owners of Android mobile devices can significantly extend the battery life and capacity of their smartphone or tablet with the new Seagate Joy Drive.

The Seagate Joy Drive enables consumers to access videos and other content anywhere, without the need for a Wi-Fi connection or cellular service.

Available first in China this March through an exclusive partnership with JingDong, one of China’s largest online retailers, the Seagate Joy Drive is available in 1000GB (1TB) capacity and has a price in China of 660 CNY ($99). Seagate is also evaluating potential future markets and partners for this product.

Seagate also has new fast SSD flash drives ranging in price from $99 to $349, with capacities of 250GB to 1TB. Those are also shipping in the spring.

Seagate has a new addition to its LaCie brand with the LaCie Rugged Secure device, which is built to withstand extreme conditions. It will cost $140 for 2TB and will ship in the spring.