So you have a great mobile app or product. But how do you attract users? And more importantly, how do you retain users? One key aspect is mastering the balance between push and pull.

There’s a fine line between whether a notification will help re-engage a user or annoy them. And this messaging strategy becomes even harder when you’re scaling to millions of users.

Today we’re excited to announce a new session on this very topic at our upcoming MobileBeat event — July 8-9 in San Francisco — with top execs from Yahoo Sports and mobile marketing automation software company Kahuna.

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Session Speakers:

Adam Marchick
Adam Marchick, CEO & Co-Founder, Kahuna

Brian Mead

Brian Mead, Director of Product Management, Yahoo Sports

As director of product management for Yahoo Sports, Brian Mead knows just how important it is to strike this balance to help drive growth and retention. Mead and his team are constantly analyzing data and experimenting to find the secret sauce that helps attract users — and active users, at that.

Adam Marchick’s service, Kahuna, focuses on this very challenge: industrializing the testing and refining of push notifications so mobile apps send the right notifications to the right users at the right time.

Different users may need different messages to progress in their journey of using the app, from casual to engaged. As push notification strategies become increasingly sophisticated, mobile users will come to expect more and more of a personal treatment, and user engagement may even become harder for apps using only “broadcast”-style notifications.

In a never-before-seen session, Marchick and Mead will discuss the balance of push and pull using notifications. They’ll also map out how you can engage users by leveraging machine learning and consistently improving the efficiency and efficacy of messaging.

Participants can expect to hear real examples of how Kahuna is transforming push notification strategy. And Yahoo will share insights into how it has improved user loyalty and attracted new users.

This session is just one of many at MobileBeat, where top mobile and marketing visionaries will highlight winning strategies for tracking and serving customers along every phase of their journey on mobile.

Here are some other topics we’ll be tackling at MobileBeat: personalization, programmatic advertising, seamless payments, customer retention, driving purchases in store, native advertising, targeting across devices, deep linking, mobile analytics tools, predictive apps, the Internet of things, and wearables.

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