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Growing a social media following can be a challenging task.

Everyone is guilty of clicking that refresh button over and over, hoping to see their numbers start climbing. Even then, it can feel as if a watched like count never grows.

There are many ways to increase your Instagram following. Among other things, you can improve content, engage with followers, and use the right tools.

While it’s tempting to pad your like count by buying fake likes, it’s a practice that can have many negative consequences.

If you want to keep up, but also want those likes to be genuine, here’s the good news:

Companies like Stormlikes allow you to buy real Instagram likes. Sometimes a little boost is all you need to improve your social media presence.

Read on to learn:

  • Why Instagram likes matter
  • Why fake Instagram likes can hurt you
  • How to naturally increase your likes
  • Why you might want to buy Instagram likes
  • Where you can buy real Instagram likes
  • How to create a strategic plan for using Instagram after you increase your engagement

The benefit of Instagram likes

Statista reported in 2019 that Instagram had 107.2 million U.S. users, and it’s projecting that this number will reach 120.3 million monthly active users by 2023 — in the United States alone. Another 89% of its users are outside of the U.S. according to Hootsuite.

This platform can provide a lot of potential exposure for your company.

Instagram’s algorithm has changed a lot over the years, but likes still factor heavily into which posts Instagram displays in users’ feeds. The algorithm favors photos it believes the user will like more. This metric is calculated by past behavior.

Instagram’s product lead Julian Gutman explained that six factors influence the posts in a person’s feed:

  • Interest
  • Recency
  • Relationship
  • Frequency
  • Following
  • Usage

It matters when you post and how much customers are interested in it. Instagram determines where your post will rank in a user’s feed based on how close they are to your page and how often they use the app.

As a result, it’s vital to focus your attention on engagement. According to a Q&A with Instagram, the more users who like, comment, reshare, and view your posts and videos, the higher you will rank in the newsfeed.

Even though Instagram is moving toward hiding likes — something it’s begun testing in several markets — likes still matter, and will continue to factor into the newsfeed algorithm.

Likes represent credibility and reputation. Likes help grow social proof. People are more confident in their preferences when they can see others have a positive opinion of them as well.

A high number of likes displays your success, and can lead to more.

Fake Instagram likes are bad

Many companies that let you buy Instagram likes offer fake likes from bots to boost your numbers. Fake likes are not the way to advance your business.

Instagram has been very clear on its stance against fake likes. In 2018, Instagram started cracking down on fake accounts, comments, and likes, stating, “Everyday people come to Instagram to have real experiences, including genuine interactions.”

Celebrities like Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner received the brunt of this purge, losing millions of followers.

During the same Q&A session referenced above, Instagram’s creators said they value transparency and authenticity. To that end, the algorithm is always changing to help sniff out fakes.

While not all companies who let you buy Instagram likes violate the terms of service, many do. As such, their fake likes may get your account suspended.

When you buy Instagram likes that aren’t real, you’re using phony tactics to get ahead. Fake likes can even be generated by harmful bots that try to hack for information.

Save yourself and your followers from the spam of fake likes — there’s a better way.

How to organically increase your likes

On the bright side, there are myriad ways to bring in more likes and grow your following.

  • Post quality content
  • Do your research
  • Engage your users directly
  • Make use of various Instagram tools and features
  • Don’t ignore Instagram basics

Focus on improving post quality

It might seem obvious but if you want to increase your likes, post more likable content. Take a photography class to improve your photos. Brainstorm ideas to excite your followers.

As Instagram leans toward getting rid of visible likes, you will have to get creative to attract more likes based on the quality of your content alone.

Learn about your follower base

Think about what makes you want to engage with a post — you’re a consumer too.

Make an effort to learn about your followers. What do they care about? What do they want to see?

Get your customers involved

Go a step further, and involve your users in your content creation. Include calls-to-action in your posts. Ask questions, host giveaways, and post user-generated content.

Learn how to use Instagram tools

Hashtags are still a vital way to link each post to the communities you want to target.

According to internal Instagram data, 500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories every day.

Social media is constantly developing. When new tools are introduced, don’t be hesitant to check them out. Stay on top of new developments and use them to their full advantage.

Remember tried and true social media basics

Make sure you don’t neglect social media basics. Look at what time you’re posting, how often, and how to improve captions with each new post.

With so many new developments to keep track of, it’s easy to overlook the foundational methods that will help the most in your Instagram strategy.

The future of Instagram likes

The future of Instagram likes is still unclear. A study on the impact of hiding likes showed mixed results.

HypeAuditor looked at more than 154,000 influencers that had at least 30% of their audience in regions where Instagram was hiding likes. Most accounts saw declines in their likes, with some areas like Japan showing an increase.

So with a decline in engagement, it’s unclear if Instagram will revise its plan or not.

As of now, we can still bask in the delight of the 54.7 million likes held by @world_record_egg.

If you’re doing all the right things and you’re still waiting for that bump, it could be time for a supplement.

Stormlikes: An Instagram like boost

If Instagram isn’t the main focus of your business, it can be endlessly frustrating to put time and effort into the platform without seeing the results you want.

Some people’s jobs are 100% about Instagram — how are you supposed to compete with that?

The answer could be to buy Instagram likes. But, make sure they’re genuine so they can help your business without the drawbacks of fake likes.

Stormlikes offers companies a chance to buy Instagram likes that are real. With 90% of Instagram accounts following a business, you should take advantage.

Stormlikes has been around for more than a decade and has helped more than 15,000 customers grow their base.

How to buy Instagram likes that are real

With Stormlikes, you’re buying real likes. Rest assured that we aren’t breaking any rules with our process, and the likes you get from us will operate in accordance with Instagram’s terms of service.

Stormlikes can save you from the grind of building a following completely by yourself, delivering the authentic engagement you need to grow your influence.

Stormlikes offers instant delivery and high-quality likes that are 100% guaranteed. We offer packages as low as $1.39 for 50 Instagram likes, with additional package options that deliver hundreds of likes for every dollar you spend.

Buying real Instagram likes helps you increase your engagement rate. And with more social proof, you’ll attract more users to engage with your company as well.

Stormlikes offers a safe and credible way to buy Instagram likes.

Get the most out of your likes

Once you buy Instagram likes through Stormlikes or increase your engagement rate through organic methods, it’s a good idea to make a plan for your next steps on Instagram.

More likes will hopefully lead to more followers and more business. With new likes flowing in, it’s time to tailor your content toward promoting new products and announcing new developments.

After all, 83% of Instagram users say the platform helps them discover new products or services.

If you’re going to rank higher in people’s feeds, have the content you want them to see ready.

Final thoughts: Don’t buy Instagram likes that are fake — what to do instead

Likes are an essential piece of your social media game. Instagram’s algorithm chooses posts with the highest engagement rate to show to their users. As a result, it’s important to master strategies that can increase your Instagram likes.

Fake Instagram likes are never a good idea because Instagram is likely to purge them. Not to mention, fake likes can seem shady to customers who figure out what you’re up to.

Opt for growing your following organically by improving your content and learning how to better use tools like hashtags or stories to promote yourself.

But if you’re looking for a solution to boost your likes fast, Stormlikes helps you buy Instagram likes that are real and won’t damage your integrity.

Do you want to help your business grow with real Instagram likes? Check out Stormlikes today!

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